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grade 1 social studies activities

How many stars and stripes do you see?

Your child will get to practice reading a simple map of a park.Help your first grader learn basic terms for position and direction. Can your child give each vehicle the correct classification?Although the White House is technically white, you can color it any way you like with this patriotic coloring sheet.Sneak some learning into paper doll play with an Asia Pacific paper doll. Explore 1st Grade Social Studies classroom activities to inspire and engage your students All Grades Pre-K Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade Other Show your child how to set a table setting and then help him create a placemat map.Here's a great activity to help them satisfy their snow play cravings in a cozy indoor setting. Do this fun writing activity with your child to honor Black History Month.In this activity, your child will make her own book of Swahili numbers filled with pictures of animals found throughout Africa.Introduce your first grader to our country's most famous leaders with an artsy info board full of facts, patriotic colors and coins!Teaching your child some basic words in Spanish is a breeze at home, with this simple and fun activity that doesn't require special educational materials.Make a Tzedakah box with your child to collect money for his favorite charity. Help your kid make lunch fun by threading her favorite ingredients on a skewer for a quick and easy sandwich kabob. This Abe Lincoln hat craft is the perfect way to celebrate Presidents Day.Celebrate Ramadan by recreating a scene depicting the inside of a mosque. Get in the mood for 4th of July with this fun American Flag coloring sheet.Here's a great geography worksheet that doubles as a coloring page! They can create their very own igloo picture!Let your imagination take flight as you explore the beautiful continent of Africa! This craft is the perfect way to introduce your child to an important national symbol.During your next craft time, strike up the band with this homemade Chinese instrument.Sometimes a sandwich is just ho hum boring.

Or challenge your first grader to expand their critical thinking skills by comparing past and present scenes of everyday life via matching, drawing, and Venn diagrams as they examine how life and society changes over time.

Your students will love exploring U.S. history, world cultures, and geography fundamentals. From learning to read maps and identifying U.S. states to exploring cultures around the world and coloring influential people from history, your students will be ready to discover the world with these first grade social studies worksheets!It’s never too early to begin fostering an awareness of our world, and these first grade social studies worksheets are a great tool to introduce young kids to the communities, cultures, and systems that shape our lives.

Whether kids are creating their own flag, drawing a picture of what it means to be a good citizen, or completing a George Washington coloring page, you can rest assured that their lives are a little more enriched and their perspective broadened with our social studies worksheets on hand.Copyright © 2020, Inc, a division of IXL Learning • All Rights Reserved.
It's a great way to get them to recognize the people whose efforts benefit the community.Teach your child about the importance of Labor Day by helping her learn about the different hats that are worn by workers in various occupations.Your child can decorate her own set of Russian nesting dolls in this easy felt craft.Make a paper plate puppet that'll help your child imagine what it's like to be in a performance of the dragon dance.Have the children play a more active role in the Seder by helping them prepare paper puppets that represent the ten plagues.Tell the Purim story in a new way: By making a set of puppets out of an old deck of cards!Celebrate Ramadan by creating a crescent moon and star...out of stars! A perfect arts and crafts project for preschool or kindergarten age children.Ancient tribes believed that these dolls kept worries away at night.

Your 1st grader can make his own and learn about history, culture, and art in this activityHonor our 16th president by having your kid assemble his famous stovepipe hat! Give her some color, and learn a fun fact about her with this coloring sheet.Give your beginning geography student some practice finding north, south, east and west on a map of the U.S.!Teach your child about the significance of the U.S. flag's design with this positively patriotic coloring page.Get your child in a patriotic mood and color this majestic bald eagle, an endangered species and also America's national symbol.Help your child learn the basics of reading a map with this simplified county map. 1st Grade Social Studies Worksheets and Printables.

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