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hal moore on leadership summary

He must have and display the will to prevail by his actions, his words, his tone of voice, his appearance, his demeanor, his countenance, and the look in his eyes.

Lt. Col. Hal Moore was a phenomenal leader.Numerous fascinating battle stories are recounted in the pages of the book.

At the time of his death, he’d been working on a leadership guide distilled from his years commanding others in peacetime and at war; his children commissioned historian Guardia ( American Guerrilla , 2015) to complete and …

Have a look at the verbatim speech that Moore gave his troops just before going into battle.

But even more important than the medals that he won, was the respect his men had for him. So, this the book is not only intended for people in a military context, but for any leader who is tasked with the responsibility of leading other people.I found myself being inspired by Hal Moore’s bravery, to be a braver leader myself. The same loyalty that goes “up” the chain-of-command must also go “down” the chain-of-command, and “across” the network of subordinates. If he does, then it will be screwed up. One can even learn from the bad and the ugly: Interestingly enough, Moore also finds the act of listening as a learning tool. by Because my gut, as I’ve learned, is rarely wrong.

But Hal Moore convinced me when he said: If you want to be a better leader, don’t start by trying to lead other people: “When my head tells me to do one thing, and my gut tells me to do another, I always go with my gut. by No Comments Yet Here are his 17 leadership precepts: Do not announce it.

Moore emphatically states: “The best leaders strive to create a “family environment” within their organization. One approach is to reach a tentative decision at day’s end.
Pre-publication book reviews and features keeping readers and industry Either you find a way, or you make one.

He must never give off any hint or evidence that he is uncertain about a positive outcome, even in the most desperate situations.””“Don’t complain to your boss. But Moore also has a word about the importance of recognition: One is struck by Moore’s immense sense of responsibility. By itself, competence is meaningless without character and good judgment. Take counsel from those who have the information and experience”“There are two things a leader can do: he can either contaminate his environment (and his people) with his attitude and actions, or he can inspire confidence”“If a leader thinks he might lose in whatever crisis or situation; then he has already lost. They are simply rules of thumb learned and … Moore is noteworthy because of his heroic role in winning the first major battle of the Vietnam war, chronicled in the bestselling book We Were Soldiers Once, Ia Drang — the Battle that … He would say for example: Somehow I never thought of self-discipline relating to self-confidence. A massive investigation of economic history in the service of proposing a political order to overcome inequality.Readers who like their political manifestoes in manageable sizes, à la I was struck by the following remarks: 1. Following Jesus, adoring my wife, loving my 3 boys, serving in ministry & failing to maintain life in that order.You might not be into militaty history (or even a keen fan of the military itself) but one has to admit that it takes an exceptional leader to inspire men to lay down their lives for a cause. Moore’s thorough preparation for command, along with his creative intellect, physical courage, and sheer resolve, were central to his successful leadership.

A psychologist and Nobel Prize winner summarizes and synthesizes the recent decades of research on intuition and systematic thinking.The author of several scholarly texts, Kahneman (Emeritus Psychology and Public Affairs/Princeton Univ.) Why?

Being a leader does not mean that you are instantly the smartest person in the room.You would often see that Hal Moore places a lot of emphasis on a good dose of self-confidence. Harold Gregory Moore Jr. was a United States Army lieutenant general and author.

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