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harsha bhogle cricket career

He certainly did not look at MBA degree from the premier institute if the country as merely the platform to make dollars, but opted to pursue excellence in the area of his passion and let dollars be taken care themselves.At the age of 19, Harsha Bhogle laid the foundation of an awesome career path by becoming a commentator with All India Radio (even before joining IIM Ahmedabad).

#CWC19 Tickets. Indian cricket commentator and journalist, Harsha Bhogle never seems to be short of words. Born in Hyderabad, Harsha studied Chemical Engineering after school and then did his post-graduation from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. So I suspect, especially with the competition in news channels these days and with a lot of people coming in the media for the wrong reasons, there is relentless search for sadness, for the gory, and for negativity. And there is a feeling that that’s all India is about because you are screeching and screaming and shouting trying to hold people for the next 10 seconds, which is what clickbait journalism is. The first episode was aired from 1 October 2015. Harsha Bhogle began his career as a cricket player for the APCA (Andhra Pradesh Cricket Association) and has played small level cricket. In this conversation … If you are giving up something to do something else, then you have no choice but to be among the best in the country at it.

Early on, Bhogle played A Div cricket in Hyderabad and represented Osmania University at the Rohinton Baria Tournament. This was with All India Radio. #CWC19 Fixtures. Look at India and Afghanistan. CAT 2020 Exam date is […]WAT is a prominent part of entrance process at top IIMs. I see sport as something beyond numbers. Harsha Bhogle Profile: Indian cricket’s voice and face, the person who contributed in bringing the game of cricket to our homes when we could not reach the fields to enjoy it, the person whose descriptive power painted the game in front of us as if we are watching it live.
Harsha Bhogle – IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus is a renowned name in the home of not just every Indian Sports lover but also among the global sports lovers. In 1992, he became the first Indian Commentator to be invited by Australian Broadcasting Corporation during India’s cricket series at Australia just before the 1992 Cricket World Cup. He started commentating at the age of 19 with Since 1995, he has been presenting live cricket from all around the world for ESPN STAR Sports and was part of the 'Few Good Men'He covered the 2011–12 series in Australia solely for ABC Radio.Bhogle had a Television programme named after him, "Harsha ki khoj"("Harsha's Quest"), that strove to find broadcasting talent in India.

And that is why I am so pissed by the negativity that abounds in the media because India, I believe is going through its most positive phase.The energy of India is incredible, and it’s our generation and people just after mine who are making them negative and disappointed and disillusioned – when India is poised to be among the great nations in the world.The problem is that from the start, from the day news appeared, bad news was good news for the industry.

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