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For example, if a child was interested in butterflies they might read books and write a story about butterflies (literacy), investigate patterns and symmetry or count butterflies (numeracy), look at the butterfly life cycle (science), do some painting or craft using butterflies as inspiration (art), etc.This term is much misunderstood and some people avoid using it, preferring terms such as natural, child-led, or free-range learning. They may ask you for extra information. This will:Even if you do not want to receive the supervision allowance, you must still complete the declaration twice a year.The declaration will be sent to your home address, so you must advise your local Ministry of Education office if you change your address.If the Ministry has still not received the declaration by the date set in the reminder letter your supervision allowance payments will cease.Your home education supervision allowance may be impacted, depending on how long your child attends school:If you and your family plan to be away from New Zealand then it may impact your supervision allowance (depending on how long you are away):If you are going to be away for more than 28 days then you need to let your local Ministry of Education office know Home educating parents and legal guardians have the primary responsibility for monitoring the quality of their children’s education. You can also email You can submit an additional (but different) application to your nearest Ministry regional office.A child can continue to receive the supervision allowance up until the end of the year in which they turn 19 provided their exemption certificate was issued before their 16th birthday and the declaration continues to be completed and returned to the Ministry.Under Section 21 of the Education Act 1989 your exemption will cease when you enrol your child at school. Many home educators take an eclectic approach because homeschooling gives them the flexibility to adapt their programme to fit in with the family’s goals, commitments and lifestyle. Choose from 4-Day or 5-Day per week programs. Living books are usually written by one person with a passion for the topic and a broad command of the language, making the subject alive and engaging.This educational approach was developed by Dr Maria Montessori in about 1897. It is important that a child is free to investigate and make choices about the things they want to do.This is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner who was an Austrian philosopher and teacher. A mom in NZ submitted this to the Ministry of Education in New Zealand for her daughter's homeschooling registration. This is a normal part of the process. If you do this section one of the Ministry form must still be completed and attached to your application. Steiner took a holistic approach to education and stressed the importance of the ‘whole child’ by focusing on body, mind, and spirit. Learn anywhere, anytime with EP Home! You do not need to provide ERO with a separate copy of this.You will be given the opportunity to comment on the draft ERO report. Unschoolers do not believe that learning is separate from living – life and education are considered the same thing and learning is happening all of the time. Everything you need to teach your children: homeschool history, math, science, and more! The Home Education Foundation has been serving Christian and secular home educators all over New Zealand since 1986 through national conferences, a quarterly journal, a bi-monthly newsletter, various … Kia ora. Any request for services will be treated in the same way as they would be in a school context.The focus of the Ministry’s services and support is increasing the capability of the adults around the child.Information about these services is available in the Some learning supports are not available to home educators. Parents and caregivers who want to educate their child at home need to first get approval from their local Ministry of Education office. In New Zealand, all children aged between 6 and 16 years of age are required to enrol in and attend a registered school.Home education is where parents or legal guardians take responsibility for the education of their children, instead of enrolling them in school.If you, as a parent or legal guardian, wish to educate your child at home, you must first get approval from your If you get approval to home educate, you will receive a Certificate of Exemption from Enrolment at a Registered School. Read the associated guidance documents to be sure that your application meets the criteria set by the Ministry.Once you've submitted your application a staff member from the Ministry will by in touch. To qualify for the supervision allowance and to continue receiving specialist services for their child, beyond compulsory school age, parents need to contact their Ministry of Education Special Education booklets - a series of booklets looking at how different special education needs influence learning and providing strategies for teachers:Once you have a Certificate of Exemption, you can purchase tuition from Te Kura.

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