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hood river steelhead fishing

Again, I had no dry clothes with me. Most of the time I brought the embarrassment on myself, but in this next story, the credit goes to my friend, Lori.Like I said before, fishing is like gold fever. The cold water instantly revived it, and it quickly slipped out of her grasp and swam under a nearby rock.

I immediately jumped into the river and was standing waist-deep downstream, in the fast-moving cold water, to try and head off the escape of the fish. Some of my adventures just make me shake my head in disbelief. After another half an hour or so, I again heard Lori’s familiar “fish on” call. I still had several years of missteps and mishaps, lost gear, embarrassing moments, and lots of frustration before I would concede to the facts.

Hood River “The Hood” offers spring Chinook salmon and both summer and winter-run steelhead. There are seasonal closures dependent on fish species.The John Day has one of the last all-wild runs of anadromous fish (fish migrating from salt water to spawn in fresh water) east of the Cascade Mountains. She started screaming and grabbed her net that was lying close by. None of them said anything but they had taken notice. By now the men were in awe of her fishing ability. I think they were a little uncomfortable and just wanted to dismiss her success as a fluke or beginner’s luck. Wasco County: To the east and south, includes a very good stretch of the famous lower Deschutes River’s trout and steelhead fisheries, plus excellent salmon, bass and walleye fishing in the Columbia River near The Dalles.

Lost Lake. You always have high hopes in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. The Hoo In the process of all that, the fish had become covered in sand and she wanted to rinse it off before putting it in her catch bag. Bank fishing can be crowded during August – September. Taking our place on Hood River. I dropped my pole and headed back to where she was fighting a big steelhead to bring it to shore. The John Day River also offers some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the country.In Oregon, fishing is regulated under the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Central and Columbia River Zones. Now the men standing on both sides of her had a different countenance.Their original attempt to dismiss her as not a real fisherman provided no explanation for why she had hooked two fish, while none of them had hooked any. As I walked away, I heard the guys talking with Lori about her tackle and bait and they were reluctantly beginning to show her a little respect. Whatever respect we may have garnered from the other fishermen was gone the instant the fish slipped away, and we made complete idiots of ourselves trying to recapture it. She was clearly conducting a class on how to fish Hood River.She fought this beautiful bright steelhead to fatigue and surrender, and I was eventually able to net it.

Fishing in Neighboring Counties. With Lori and I, it was only a matter of time before one of us demonstrated what terrible fishermen we really were. In Washington, fishing is regulated by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.A fishing license is required to fish in any Oregon or Washington waterway. We are full time RVers traveling around the US and Canada.

But when we got down to her favorite fishing hole, there were 4 other fishermen already fishing in that spot. She was able to land that fish, but it was dark, indicating that it was late in the fish’s spawning cycle and not suitable for the oven or barbeque. It was usually me, but this time it was going to be Lori.

You’d think that I would always put dry clothes in the car whenever I went fishing with Lori, but I always thought this time we won’t make fools of ourselves and I won’t need them. They seemed less perturbed now and just a little curious.

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