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Patch 8.3 Horrific Visions Rewards. Next Week - Horrific Vision Rewards Always Corrupted Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Beginning with scheduled weekly maintenance in each region the week of March 17, all gear rewards from Horrific Visions will be Corrupted. So I don’t expect a refund or anything.But can I ask to improve the design for questchains like this that update game deciding gear for the player and where the amount of currency is so high that progress cannot realistically be made up for?Well lets be real, the design of the questchain is the smallest issue here. most ppl don’t read walls of text anymore, b.) New replies are no longer allowed. With no way to release. Salutations! NOI am kinda looking forward to it but I do have a very serious question since Blizz has rammed pretty much everything (besides new raid) into this ONE type of content in their last major patch. As a holy priest I need to be in a group, I need that upgrade for raid purposes. A questtext that is hard to understand and you maybe fail before you do the right thing, is not the source of people writing here. We’d like to clarify some details about rewards from Horrific Visions. Here are the unique items from the Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar: C'Thuffer - pet from Rexxar's Corrupted Chest; Void-Scarred Pup - pet from Thrall's Corrupted Chest Was with a guildie, doing the flesh and fear part. Patch 8.3 Horrific Visions We muddled through it, healing, using orbs what not. You can get gear that is close to Mythic raid item level, Azerite Essences, Legendary Cloak Upgrades, cosmetic rewards, the ability to add sockets to gear and a backpack transmog item! Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. Porting out also causes loss. We’d like to clarify some details about rewards from Horrific Visions.

If you then repeat that run, you’ll get the iLvl 420 item that you were eligible for (because you’re no longer eligible for an iLvl 430 item until the weekly reset). Do I get e.g. but no quivers ! The info is welcomed, although, i can’t sanely think u deployed a patch without giving us this info beforehand nor producing any timeline. I’m only confused. Did you clean a secondary wing? Would be appreciated.This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. You complete the entire vision after you have killed each mini boss in the four zones and also thrall (Orgrimmar) or Alleria (Alliance)

Horrific Visions are a new game mode coming with Patch 8.3 that require players to survive the realities where N'Zoth won and conquered Azeroth. These rewards are not random, but are awarded at specific milestones once per week.

I was somehow able to find out how the other mechanics work now, but this is just an awful system.

here have some backpack mogs !
Blizzard has provided more details about how Horrific Vision rewards work. I got some stuff from the intro-questline as chosen reward and some bracers at some point during the questline, but was that my reward for this week or did I just get nothing? Rewards Horrific Core.Well if people dont bother to read the quest they cant really complain about not being able to do it, and telling me to look deeper into the vision is pretty self explanatory, its obvious you need to kill more than thrall, a quick look at the map that Wrathion offers you as an option when you talk to him to actually enter the vision shows you there are multiple bosses and areas one of which is less painful than the others.I agree though the fact its not dropping the quest item when people HAVE done whats needed is not acceptableYou should have read the quest, it clearly says to “look deeper” => go and finish another wing.I had the same thing happening and it was my fault. Items are awarded from Horrific Visions at the following milestones: Each week, you can obtain each tier of rewards once, with a 100% chance to obtain the best reward that the you were eligible for on any given Horrific Vision. Horrific Visions Rewards guide! here have some backpack mogs ! feel like the backpack would be very good with the dashing scoundrel set.God I want that Void Enchant. I don’t want to sound rude, but I came back after not having played since mid Cata (was before that a player since day1) because Shadowlands looks nice, but I’m only confused - so confused that I even use the forum for the first time ever. Seems fair…y you’re not the only one with that problem i just did one and got nothing aswell so its clearly a bugDid you clean a secondary wing? We’d like to clarify some details about rewards from Horrific Visions. It doesn’t say: We need to take down generals or whatever you have to kill there. These upgrades will improve many of the Cloak's stats including its Item Level and Corruption Resistance, but also add new procs and On Use effects! Soon after sharing this information, Blizzard published a series of hotfixes that documented a bug with Horrific Visions loot: I guess even N’zoth can’t imagine the devs actually making classes fun againThank you for the information.

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