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how to create an amazon page

Here’s a quick guide to walk registered brands through the steps of setting up their first Amazon Store.“I like to view storefronts as a condensed e-commerce page that allows brands the opportunity to showcase products with detailed information and drive both Amazon and off-Amazon traffic with advertising.”An Amazon Store enables your brand to create an immersive virtual shopping experience that can be used to exclusively showcase your brand and products.These stores are also mobile responsive, making it easier for customers to discover and learn about other products in your catalog.Amazon Stores also lower the barriers to a shopper’s purchase intent & drives incremental sales and lift across your catalog.“On key holidays like Prime Day, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, I advise brands to create a sub-category page that highlights any deals and drive traffic straight to the page with Sponsored Brand campaigns,” explains Zadoorian.“As businesses create and update Storefronts, they can rely on Amazon Storefront Before you can begin creating beautiful Amazon Store content (or even EBC, A+ and Sponsored Product Ads), you’ll need to register your brand using Once your brand is registered, you can navigate to You will then be presented with a list of your brands that are eligible for Store creation.Once selected, you will then be prompted to follow additional steps, including selecting your homepage template.Once you’ve established your store homepage, it’s time to build out additional pages based on your catalog categories, best-selling products, deals, and more.You’ll want to build out your pages much in the same way as you would your own ecommerce website; make sure that navigation is simple enough for customers to easily find what they’re looking for.Once you’ve established a hierarchy of pages for your customers to navigate to, it’s time to add Content tiles are content that customers can interact with on each page of your store.Once you’ve built out your pages and added in the content tiles, you can then add individual products to each category or page of your store.Amazon makes this easy because you can search ASINs that you are already selling on the Marketplace.You can add these products to product grid tiles and other page sections of your store.Once you’ve got your store pages and content tiles squared away, it’s time to submit for Amazon’s review.Before submitting, it’s always a good idea use the Store Preview feature to check for:If you’re already selling and registered on Amazon, then you can open your own store at no additional cost.As the Marketplace continues to become crowded with brands, differentiating your business from the competition will only become more crucial, and a professionally-built Amazon Store is a great way to do that.“You can no longer simply copy content from your Shopify store or website hope it will work on Amazon.

You should think of how your brand should be seen on Amazon before starting out with the design.Selling on Amazon can be more profitable with the boosted exposure and conversion rates that A+ pages can give you. [spacer height=”10px”][spacer height=”10px”]To do this, log into the Vendor Central and hover over the tab that says ‘Merchandising’. The product description must be free of fluff and buzzwords and of course, spelling or grammatical errors. Benefits of having an Amazon A+ page [spacer height=”10px”]Amazon loves product pages with a high attention to detail, perfectly worded descriptions and high quality images. Custom design layout — you will be able to design your page on your own! Banners are a must if you are going for an A+ detail page.An Amazon A+ page should have more visual elements compared to the ordinary product pages. 4) Click on “Amazon Product Page and Expanded Distribution” and Select “Kindle Series Collection” 5) Submit a request

Although the requirements are a bit stringent, it is definitely worth the extra effort you put in.

If you want to boost your E-commerce sales further, the best way to go would be by scraping your competitors’ Prev - Have You Allocated a Budget for Data Acquisition? Build Out Your Amazon Store Pages. Amazon has certain criteria when it comes to approving the A+ pages. Select ‘A+ Detail Pages’ from the drop down list.Amazon provides vendors with two options while getting started with A+ detail pages.2.

Note: If you're... Click Create a list. Include all versions of your books. [spacer height=”10px”][spacer height=”10px”]In this case, you will only have to provide Amazon with the content like product details and images and they will take care of the layout design and page creation. What is an Amazon Storefront: Definition and Advantages.

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A big part of an optimized Amazon sales funnel is using a landing page. If your landing page is too vanilla (i.e. Create Your List Hover over Account & List at the top of any page and select Create a list from the drop-down.

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You can follow the following content guidelines to get your A+ page approved.Images are a crucial factor that affects buying decisions on E-commerce sites.

We will talk about the former here – Creating product pages that can help sell more.

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