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how to reduce earthquake risk

This article discusses the consequences of earthquaka on material property. As of recent years, most of the uncontrolled building processes are rapidly producing structures of unacceptable standard and prone to the risk of damage and collapse under earthquake.

News and Updates. As urbanization is increasing day by day and the construction of the buildings haphazardly without considering earthquake resistant factor.

It will be useful to contact local or international experts that have prior experience working in the project area to understand how they sought to reduce earthquake risk in past projects.

Over 40 states in the United States are subject to risk from earthquake, facing potential serious loss of life and injury to citizens, damage to the built Goal: To reduce the impact of potential earthquakes on seismically vulnerable communities in Nepal Purpose: To strengthen national capacity (institutional and community level) for pre-disaster preparedness and mitigation and post-disaster recovery planning with a focus on targeted earthquake-prone urban areas of Nepal. GAITHERSBURG, Md. This document is the product of that workshop. It was estimated that 207,000 buildings were affected in 1934 earthquake of 8.4 Richter scale in Nepal as one of the biggest earthquake. After 1988 earthquake, resulting 721 deaths and more than 20,000 buildings collapsed or damaged including many hospitals and school buildings, drew attention to the Ministry of Physical Planning and Works (former Ministry of Housing and Physical Planning), the need for changes and improvement in current building construction practices in Nepal.Earthquakes remain a major concern in Nepal, especially in urban areas In fact, according to BCPR's (Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery) 2004 report, "Disaster Reduction: A challenge for development", Nepal is the 11th rank in the world in vulnerability to earthquakes hazards and seismic faults passing through Nepal makes the entire country susceptible to this phenomenon.

On that day, the sixth strongest earthquake in recorded history—packing a force greater The UNDP/BCPR with the support of Government of Japan initiated an earthquake risk reduction and recovery preparedness (ERRRP) program in five high risk south Asian countries: Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. GAITHERSBURG, Md. reduce the need for recovery.

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