how to save the penguins avalanche rescue funny mad libs / modern whig party platform
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how to save the penguins avalanche rescue

Look to the right and click on the belt worn by the green penguin mannequin, add this to your inventory.

Pick up the three penguins on the ledge where the rock was initially. 10.

30. 35. 11. 27. 36. If you haven’t already talked to the crying penguin and then fix the Ski Lift with the belt in your inventory.

?… err next step… 24. Use the arrows to see the paths that lead to the stranded penguins and memorize the right way to go. What! 3. Turn towards the ski lift and you will see a small tuft of white fur on the ground below the lift, pick it up. 39. Turn to the right and click on the telescope in your inventory and put it on the tripod near a window. Admire the green penguin’s puffle boxers… Wait! You can now place it in your inventory.

20. Using the Ski Lift go back up to the Mountain. . 37. Using them pick up the last penguin that bounced up. 28. 18. Pick up the fishing rod next to the door with the Gone Fishing sign. 34.
Next click above the tree to put a penguin back on the tree. 22. The tree is now bent with the penguin standing on top of it, so now with the penguin still attached, you can grab the penguin under the tree.

Then pick up the penguin standing on the small tree in the middle.

Pick up the Life Preserver Shooter from the top shelf in the white bookshelf. 6. With two penguins holding on pick up the penguin you left on the tree Now using the penguin you just picked up, pick up the penguin on the right.

Avalanche Rescue was the 4th PSA Mission that focused on rescuing penguins stuck on Ski Hill after a series of earthquakes impacted the island. Click on the belt in your inventory and then click the Ski Lift to fix it. Ignore the crying penguin for now and head into the 7. This is where you go down the paths you memorized! Your ultimate Penguin Rescue Contraption is complete, time to go save some penguins. 31. If you don’t fall off and reach the cliff then click the Penguin Rescuer in your inventory and then on the hole in the fence. Now combine the rope and the Life Preserver Shoot(with a fishing rod attached) by clicking on one and then the other. If you do happen to fall down you will find yourself at the bottom of the Ski lift.


Since you’re there you might as well fix the Ski Lift for the crying penguin. The three penguins will push the rock which will fall on the sled that the last penguin is stuck in, launching him onto a higher ledge that you can reach. This changes for each player so you will need to figure it out yourself. After you rescue all four penguins using the Ski Lift go down to the 38. 8. First using the preserver tube break the branch above the penguin on the far right. Club Penguin Online Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 25. 14. 15. 26. 32. Click on the telescope (not the nut holding it in place) to unscrew it. Put all three penguins down on the ledge with the rock.

29. In your inventory, combine the life preserver shooter and the fishing rod by clicking one of them and then clicking the other.

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