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how to win paypal dispute reddit

Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.Press J to jump to the feed.

Hello, so today I contacted a seller (not from ebay) if they could sell me two gaming accounts. Then Paypal tends to side with whoever is currently holding the money because they don't want to have to pay out on the their so-called guarantee.

They closed the buyer's dispute in my favor and blocked him from leaving me negative feedback.

Buyers can simply demand refunds for transactions and inform their credit card company to cancel/refund the payment. Often times they won't hear or read your side and issue the refund anyways. Here's what I gathered:Describe items in listing as detailed and truthful as possible.Have a printed and photo copy of the shipping label.Best choice is get insurance for the package, then you can get reimbursed through them.I buy and sell on Ebay as a hobby. The system is biased towards the buyer. You should read the only ship to a confirmed address and only the address that comes through on the transaction.ship with tracking info, and signature confirmation if requiredmake sure you have proof of shipping (get a paper receipt until the tracking info appears online).make sure your own PayPal address is up-to-date and in the USA.In theory if you abide by all of those rules, PayPal will protect you as a seller.I have sold probably 100 things on ebay over the years and never really had a problem.

I dispute it with paypal, but they find in his favor.

I had a seller last week with a problem.

This happened to me but as the buyer (and on Amazon, not eBay). The PayPal defines it as “…when a customer files a chargeback with their credit card issuer, it means that they’re disputing a charge and asking the card issuer for a refund.. Maybe I'm just extremely lucky? The item can be placed at the buyer’s door then stolen Join our community, read the PF Wiki, and get on top of your finances!Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Yes, it's a PITA, but it's the cost of doing business.If you follow all their rules to the letter, you can probably win. PayPal, like any other online payment system, has policies which will work against sellers if they do not take the necessary steps to ensure that they deliver and can prove this. Threatened to leave me with negative feedback (I have 100% score). I did have one person complain about the condition of an item but I believe it was a legitimate complaint / disagreement (not a scam) and we were able to settle things quickly with a small partial refund.Having said that, it is certainly possible to get ripped off.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castLearn about budgeting, saving, getting out of debt, credit, investing, and retirement planning. I sent two messages through PayPal and he didnt respond to those either. I also ship US only with no refunds. This took place this past Friday February 5th, 2010.

No exceptions. PayPal in general just doesn't want to end up having to pay out on their insurance so if you make sure all the payments clear and are from verified buyers and you shipped to verified addresses, you can protect yourself.The area where Paypal tends to suck is if both parties are innocent, like a stolen package, or one party is a sophisticated crook like counterfeit products or a scam buyer. He says he doesn't see it anywhere and I told him it could be elsewhere. ILPT - how to win any PayPal dispute Step 1: Use a vpn and preferably an rdp, input their paypal email, then simply put some random letters and shit until it locks their account.

This weeds out the new accounts that don't care. (Assuming that you're in the US) I use Paypal to buy postage for all items that qualify for First Class Package and often those Priority as well. The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Except the securities evidence as a verified account, no refund previously, what s your best advice to win the dispute?

Often times they won't hear or read your side and issue the refund anyways.Your best and only recourse is to issue refunds before it comes to paypal disputes.I've won one, they tend to only even consider the seller on more expensive items.Just like with banks and regular merchants, the seller is pretty much always going to lose these cases.The individual is deemed to need more protection than the companies/sellers.As a company/seller, you are expected to build losses into your pricing models and just suck them up when they happen.Google their customer service #. Locked me out... Had to make a new account.

I shipped it out, it was tracked, it was shown by the post office as delivered.
The buyer never even contacted me about not receiving the item and instead, just filed a dispute against me.

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