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The lead crisis reflects our racial and economic housing segregation, with its highest concentrations of black and latino poverty, and fifth highest concentration of white poverty, among the nation’s metropolitan regions.Lead abatement is costly. Public employee health insurance will cost $107 million ($51 million city, $56 million schools) in the FY 2017-18, or 15% of the combined city and school district budgets of $700 million ($293 million city, $407 million schools).The New York Health Act, a state single-payer Medicare for All plan, would have public employers paying an A single-payer public health insurance system would also remove the county's $98 million share of Medicaid expenses, which consumed 70% of the county's $140 million property levy in 2016. Ecological and economic sustainability obviously requires renewable sources of energy and materials and viable businesses that can meet their expenses over the long term. Its First Amendment rights of peaceable assembly, free speech, and to petition government for a redress of grievances should have been protected and encouraged, not suppressed. Over the last two decades city policies and subsidies have gentrified downtown, pushing low-income people out, while all low-income housing has been built in the ghettoes.

But they all use city services: police, fire, roads, water, sewers, trash disposal, parks, and more. We must stop the The restorative justice principles in the current school district Code of Conduct must be followed through on. “I’m worried about the politicians who can’t seem to chew gum and walk at the same time,” Hawkins said. Private landlordism is not the appropriate dominant form of home ownership in a civilized society that recognizes the right to decent housing for all as it recognizes the right to education, health care, and social security.With what limited funding the city can provide on its own, and with the hope of a recommitment to public housing from the state and federal governments in the future, the city should expand the supply of public housing according to the following principles:Public housing should be scattered site, located in all neighborhoods, not just poor neighborhoods.Public housing should be mixed-income. We start with city policies and proceed to county and state policies.A small progressive income tax on ourselves – including on the incomes of over 62,000 commuters to the city – would be fairer way to raise revenues locally than hiking property and sales taxes. In Syracuse, the typical residential customer pays about 16 cents per kilowatt-hour (kwh) for electric service and delivery charges, with the service charge usually tripling the charge of actually delivering the supply of electricity. It is time to push aggressively for franchise agreements with Spectrum and Verizon that include funding for a Community Media Organization.Create a first-rate community-owned broadband system (internet, cable TV, phone) to provide faster, lower cost service than the corporate telecoms do.Meanwhile, Verizon was given permission in 2005 to build FIOS lines throughout the city without securing a franchise agreement.

We need a people's convention in order to bypass the entrenched politicians who are holding us back.The mayor does not – and should not – control the city's public schools. But lead in our children hurts their academic performance, memory, and motor skills. Again, the upfront costs for a household or business can be financed by the public power system and be paid for by the consumers over time, a good portion of it out of the savings from gas and electricity costs these renewable systems will provide.The public power system can also finance energy audits and weatherization of buildings so that customers make more efficient use of the energy they purchase.Finally, by maintaining a locally-based and permanent workforce for operation, maintenance, and repairs to the energy system, public power systems have a for better record than IOUs in returning to power after outages due to storms and equipment failures.It's time to cut our local energy costs by replacing National Grid with a municipally-owned public power system that can rapidly bring 100% clean, renewable energy sources to the City of Syracuse.Use Time Warner franchise fees to fund a community-controlled nonprofit organization that provides programming, staffing, and training in all forms of community media, including cable channels devoted to Public Access, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) programming, community radio, community newspapers, and web-based media.The city spent over $100,000 for a needs assessment in 2009-2010, which recommended the creation of a community-controlled nonprofit organization, similar to ones that function well in Ithaca and Baldwinsville, to be funded by franchise agreements, a renewed one with Time Warner and a new one with Verizon.

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