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hungarian revolution 1848 summary

The Slovaks and Romanians also demanded national autonomy, and the decision to unite with Hungary triggered bloody interethnic conflicts in Transylvania.Vodovozov VV Revolution of 1848 / / Encyclopaedic dictionary of Brockhaus and EfronAverbukh R. A. The Revolution and the National Liberation War in Hungary in 1848-49 By the middle of the XIX century, the system of absolutism, established during the Napoleonic wars in Hungary, ceased to meet the interests of the main social groups of the country. The central governmental structures remained well separated from the imperial government, and they were linked largerly by the person of the common monarch. Later serfdom was abolished, land was transferred to peasants, and redemption payments to landowners were to be paid by the state. At the same time, centralization was strengthened, and the power of administrators and foyshpans (representatives of the central government in the committees) were expanded.

By the middle of the XIX century, the system of absolutism, established during the Napoleonic wars in Hungary, ceased to meet the interests of the main social groups of the country. Freedom of the press, inviolability of the individual and property, equality of Christian denominations, the responsibility of the government to the parliament were introduced, the suffrage was expanded (up to 7-9% of the population), and the state assembly was to be convened from now on.

After the failed revolution, in 1849 there was nationwide "passive resistance".Kossuth went into exile after the revolution. The government of the Austrian Empire did not want to go to any reforms in the administrative or political sphere, preserving the bureaucratic system and feudal order. The conclusion of the uprising is unclear, as the Slovaks fell back under Imperial authority and lacked any autonomy for some time.3000 Romanians were part of the Hungarian revolutionary army, most of them being recruited by forceBecause of the success of revolutionary resistance, Franz Joseph had to ask for help from the "Bem had been a participant in the Meanwhile, the Austrians followed the Danube down from Vienna and crossed over into Hungary to envelope Komorn (now Komárom, Hungary and In April 1849, the Hungarian Government enjoyed success on this western front, crossing the Danube and forcing the Austrian Army to retreat from Buda back up the Danube.Thus, the Hungarian Government was initially successful on its eastern front (Transylvania) against the Russians, and on its western front against the Austrians.

On March 3, Kossuth made a fiery speech demanding the immediate implementation of a liberal reform program, the introduction of a constitution and the formation of a government responsible to the parliament. Ideas of ​​a broad renewal of the country, especially in the sphere of economy, and dismantling of the feudal system. In September 1848, the Diet made concessions to the Pest Uprising, so as not to break up the Austro-Hungarian Union.

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