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Sometimes it's traffic, sometimes a drug house, sometimes burglaries. Based on the color coded legend above, the crime map outlines the areas with lower crime compared to the areas with higher crime. These events are certainly part of our mission too. "The department is being proactive, he said, as opposed to taking a report after a crime happens and trying to investigate it. We’re able to analyze not only where, but what time and what days of the week things are occurring.

The department, in anticipation of significant projected budget shortfalls for the city, also agreed to eliminate most overtime.As a result, by the end of April, despite there being fewer people on the street, the overall crime rate had crept back up 2 percent.
NAACP Youth Leadership Summit. We’ll find the balance. Digital access or digital and print delivery. First responders were working on a barricaded subject east of Hutchinson in Reno county. A Hutchinson man seriously injured Sunday night when he fell out of the truck he was driving on a county road remains hospitalized in Wichita. "But, Hooper said, that required a lot of overtime, especially since staffing levels remain well below what the department is authorized.Then the novel coronavirus pandemic hit, eliminating a lot of that effort.Officers were restricted in their public contact, with more reports taken over the phone and much less public interaction.
Digital access or digital and print delivery. Patrick Vladimir White, 20, pleaded to four counts of sexual exploitation of a child by promoting sexual performance.

Sheriff’s deputies made contact with the woman and provided...A Reno County man was arrested over the weekend for striking a woman with the handle from a sledgehammer. They’re still down six, with eight more officers in training who don’t work the streets alone.

"By the end of May, crime in the community was back up 4.4 percent, and violent crime was up 8.8 percent," Hooper said. This resulted in criminal charges being sent to the District Attorney for prosecution. "We’re working to hire. We have background checks going on now for three candidates and we’ll open up the application process again for an August or September hire date. The Reno County Sheriff's Office says they arrested Billy Joe Greene after someone told them that he struck them in the face causing a laceration. "That might include being assigned to high traffic accident areas or to work in a special ops unit with detectives. "With the rise in crime during COVID restrictions, they believe that validates what they were doing. "We had the fifth-worst crime rate in the state of Kansas.

The Patriot’s Parade draws on over 20 officers, which draws from our primary mission. Updated: 7...HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The Reno County Sheriff's Office was able to take a man into custody just after 5 p.m. Saturday after working most of the day on the barricaded subject east of the city of Hutchinson in Reno County on North Mayfield Road. The Hutchinson crime map provides a detailed overview of all crimes in Hutchinson as reported by the local law enforcement agency. Local Crime & Safety news, arrests, shooting and more jail, police or fire department information of South Hutchinson, KS. Part of that is designed so when we have a shift coming off, if they have an arrest to process or a lot of paperwork, we can pull them off the street so they’re not accruing overtime. District Judge Tim Chambers denied a request for a departure sentence sought by Jennie Rebecca Wallace, 46, though he...HUTCHINSON. The injury...Police are investigating a gunpoint robbery reported last Sunday by a Hutchinson man in his home. Patrick White entered pleas to four counts of sexual exploitation of a child. According to the department, 25-year-old Brandon Bertholf was driving a vehicle southbound in the 1400 block of South Kent Road around 8 p.m. Sunday night with his body half out the window of his vehicle, when passenger, 23-year-old Tyler Korb saw Bertholf fall out.HUTCHINSON, Kan. — A Reno County man facing numerous sexual exploitation charges entered pleas on Tuesday in Reno County District Court. The victim received several stitches and may require corrective surgery. We have the ability to develop proactive resources and combat them.

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