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ibm 1130 instruction set

It was set up on the workbench hooked to my FPGA disk tool in order to read and write to the drive in a controlled way. It operates on a System/7 with 4,096 or more words of memory.

I replied separately by email but for other readers, here is the summary. It is assumed that the user has a basic know-ledge of the stored programming concept, and of the instruction set and theory of operation of the … We will swap the remaining two boards that should have nothing at all to do with read/write operations, just to eliminate all possible circuitry on boards. Onboard the Diablo drive, +5V is generated to power most of the circuit board logic, except for the op amps handling analog signals. My documentation will shift to focus upon the high level behavior, although I will still retain my stack and variable dictionary shorthands. If the words being compiled (in an OPERATION block, called a CODE block in more recent FORTH) are definitions that were saved as text by :;, then they are now compiled. The 2650 is very closely based on the IBM 1130 mini-computer released in 1965. This corrupts the cartridge and causes the cartridge to become unusable quickly. Thus, when I type 10 to the interpreter it stores hex /0010 in the word, which is decimal 16. mark. The archived image matched exactly with the image we had written, confirming that the demon drive is: Catalog Number 102687908.
Hi Dwight. My code block can refer to a text entry, causing it to be compiled. signal traces on the backplane from connector to PCBUsing the IBM 1130 simulator, I was able to verify stack and verb operation even though we don't have a verb to print the value on the top of the stack (or any other value from the stack). Taking a cartridge which was corrupted by the demon drive, we watched what was being read by the heads as the cartridge spun around. I chose to add a new shorthand for the output to the variable dictionary entry as var: (a, b, c, . The same disk heads and windings are used for both reading and writing. Date 1970 Publisher Digital Scientific Corporation Identifying Numbers.

Diablo drives operate at several densities - the Alto version uses the high density (2200 bit per inch) version. Entries that are defined by an initial OPERATION word are stored as an entry under the next word. For example - here are the hex op-codes for some commonly used 1130 operations .LD C000,.ST D000,.ADD 8000,.SUB 9000,.MUL A000,.DIV A800, Chuck then defines the various registers.X1 100 OR,.X2 200 OR,.X3 300 OR,.XIO 800 OR, With just these 12 short phrases he can already build up a large subset of the 1130 instruction set. For the text saved entries (those defined with :;) I have to see that entry used in a code block before it is actually compiled.

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