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The opacity of the sea ice is derived from the sea ice concentration where it is greater than 15%. Precise latitude, longitude and elevation for every received photon, arranged by beam in the along-track direction. brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Tweets by ATLUTD2. • Richard Slonaker, ICESat-2 program executive in SMD Launch is scheduled for Sept. 15, and as we count down the days, we’re counting up 10 things you should know about ICESat-2.Music: "Electric Works" by Philippe Lhommet, Koka Media; "From Source to Sea" by Christophe Lebled, Pierre Jacquot, Koka Media.This video is presented in stereoscopic 3D for those who can view it. Less than three months into its mission, NASA’s Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2, or ICESat-2, is already exceeding scientists’ expectations. Instead, the oceans and land absorb the light, thus raising the overall temperature and adding energy to a vicious circle.Next month, NASA will launch into space the most advanced laser instrument of its kind, beginning a mission to measure – in unprecedented detail – changes in the heights of Earth’s polar ice. Working closely with NASA partners, several student concepts were developed and refined, with … As a global mission, ICESat-2 will collect data over the entire globe, however the ATLAS instrument is optimized to measure land ice and sea ice elevation in the polar regions. The canopy and ground surfaces are processed in fixed 100 m data segments, which typically contain more than 100 signal photons. Contains statistics of sea surface and sea ice heights. With ICESat-2’s high-resolution data, scientists will track changes to Earth’s ice-covered poles, which is witnessing dramatic temperature increases. With each pass of the ICESat-2 satellite, the mission is adding to datasets tracking Earth’s rapidly changing ice. ICESat-2 continues key elevation observations begun by ICESat-1 (2003 to 2009) and Operation IceBridge (2009 through present), to provide a portrait of change in the beginning of the 21st century. Club.
ICESat-2 is scheduled to launch Sept. 15 from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Our planet's frozen and icy areas, called the cryosphere, are a key focus of NASA's Earth science research. Ice freeboard is calculated by differencing the heights of the ice surface and areas of open water next to the ice. The first visualization shows how the scanner on the aircraft acquired the data, building up a representation of the 3d laser scanned points as we go. With a fast-firing laser instrument, ICESat-2 measures the elevation of ice sheets and tracks how much they change over time. Group Tickets.

The ICESat/ICESat-2 altimetry data between 2003 and 2018 are in excellent agreement with in-situ measurements from Qinghai Lake (R2=0.95, RMSE=0.10 m), … Where data permits include canopy height, canopy cover percentage, surface slope and roughness, and apparent reflectance. Full instructions for installing and using h5dump on It is instead absorbed into the oceans and land, raising the overall temperature, and fueling further melting.This animation provides a close perspective of the relationship between ice and solar reflectivity. The researchers drove tracked vehicles called PistenBullys, which were instrumented with GPS to collect highly precise elevation data along 88-degrees South, where ICESat-2’s orbits converge.
NASA’s ICESat-2 satellite measures the Earth’s surface height by firing green laser pulses towards Earth and timing how long it takes for those laser pulses to reflect back to the satellite.

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