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inequitable in a sentence

3. Alternatively, it is claimed, such a system would be 17. inequitable. If you say that something is inequitable, you are criticizing it because it is unfair or unjust.

Such systems were usually, by modern standards, inequitable, exploitive, rigid, and inefficient. 28.


This equitable arrangement was accepted by the estates forthwith.

He’s lashing out at a system that he perceives as unjust, due to an inequitable distribution of resources. [formal, disapproval] The welfare system is grossly inequitable and inefficient.


At no time was the deficiencies of inequitable capitalism more apparent than during the. The current rating system and its computation is both cumbersome and inequitable and we need to lobby for a change.

exigent circumstances requiring a return of the attached funds, maintaining the attachment would not be inequitable.


0. inequitable to disregard.

If size of school at some stages is related to educational opportunities then the retention of small rural schools is 18.

How to use Inequitable in a Sentence?

Inequitable. 1.

equitable. In a Lanham Act case, an unclean hands defense is available when the plaintiff engaged in inequitable conduct relating to the subject matter of its claims.

Examples of inequitable in a Sentence They protested the inequitable treatment of employees.

Synonyms: unfair, prejudiced, biased, one-sided More Synonyms of inequitable. Equitable sentence examples. Sentence Examples The bill is discriminatory and inequitable, and the Government will pay for that. Certainly, no good ethical case has been made to justify differential or 15.

The welfare system is grossly inequitable and inefficient.

From him dates a new and equitable adjustment of the imperial taxation, which was later adopted by the Arabs. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!14. It's Hubbard's contention that eight nations are running the world in a shambolic, criminally inequitable way.

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4. Such systems were usually, by modern standards, 11. 0. Sentence with the word inequitable This requires a showing that a plaintiff has engaged in inequitable conduct or bad faith with a material relation to the relief sought.


2. Inequitable.

52. Mandeersen emphasizes, we won't return the quota period of textile again quota again is unreasonable , 20. The current health care system is inequitable and unjust, with huge disparities between rich and poor. 29. 25.

exigent circumstances requiring a return of the attached funds, maintaining the attachment would not be The insolvency legislation allowed Trustees to wait indefinitely before realizing their interest in jointly owned property and this could be grossly The manner in which research councils treat information systems is also They saw a no gain/no loss position for Mr X as not This research indicates that access to services and activities intended to alleviate social isolation and loneliness among older people is The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

The distribution of medical services has always been both unequal and 16. Recent Examples on the Web Paying the full tax amount would create an economic hardship, or would be unfair and inequitable because of exceptional circumstances.

They do not represent the opinions of inequitable definition: 1. not fair: 2. not fair: .

Learn more. 3. It removed all disfranchisement, and embraced equitable amnesty and exemption features.

Inequitable in a sentence.

Inequitable in a sentence 1. (ɪnekwɪtəbəl ) adjective.

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