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Our work includes research, advocacy, public outreach and education on the issues affecting our population.
To receive advanced diagnosis and treatment, many Inuit must leave their … Health care services for First Nations and Inuit. Also search for important health-related resources, contact information and the Drug benefit list.Find information on the types of nursing positions available in remote or isolated First Nations communities and apply now.Access the First Nations and Inuit home and community care program, health services and nursing care. We are responsible for communicating a unified Inuit perspective on the issues affecting our population, and for ensuring that Inuit are consulted and accommodated where our Indigenous and other treaty rights stand to be affected by Crown decisions.We carry out and oversee research that informs federal agencies, lawmakers and other stakeholders about the status of Inuit as well as the effectiveness of current policies and programs.
Most federal health care programs for Inuit are funded through First Nations and Inuit Health (FNIH) in Health Canada. The Angakok also has the power to transform into animals and to sense events from afar. Due to COVID-19, many organizations have changed how they are providing services or may be temporarily closed. According to the health minister, these are Inuit priorities, ideally fixed with Inuit staff.“We could look at addictions and say, well how can we make that more Inuit-specific?” she said.That $50-million-a-year on medical travel has grown every year since Nunavut was declared a territory, and will likely continue to climb. Our publications frame complex issues such as mental health, educational attainment and food security for a public as well as policy audience.

A class-action lawsuit in the works will seek damages on behalf of Inuit, First Nations and Métis who have suffered racial discrimination while in Canada’s health-care system. We advocate for Inuit rights and interests through our relationship with the Crown. Stories about First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoplesClose to 40 per cent of all Nunavut’s health spending is on flights – more than $50 million a year. For decades, health care professionals — and eager supplement sellers — have touted omega-3s as good for your heart. Also find support for former students of Indian Residential Schools.Learn how to strengthen and maintain positive mental health and help prevent suicide in Indigenous communities. Health centre focused on family and community health Culturally appropriate, interdisciplinary primary care * focus on identified Inuit population health priorities * specialist access available * …

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