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1, p. 344, line 5’’The Times’’(London), 15 January 1856, p.9: Law Report"City of London Theatre - Great Triumph of the African tragedian, Mr Ira Aldridge, who will this evening perform Shylock..." ’’The Times’’(London), 14 October 1857, p.9Shalom, Jack. The second playbill refers to him as "The African Tragedian". Aldridge and Gill were married for 40 years until she died in 1864. The identity of his mother is unknown, but it could not have been Margaret Aldridge, who was 49 years old and had been in ill health for years.Aldridge bought 5 Hamlet Road, in the prosperous suburbs of Upper Norwood, London, in 1861–2 shortly before becoming a naturalised British citizen in 1863. GM Rewell & Company, 1887. p657In the mid 19th century, the African-American actor Ira Aldridge and the English playwright C.A. The The troupe also created performances and songs that referred to the continuing Civil War. The Shakespearean actor was born as Ira Frederick Aldridge on the 24 July 1807 to Reverend Daniel and Lurona Aldridge in New York City. A ballad, "When the Cruel War is Over", became well known; it was performed by three members of the troupe—Miss S. Burton, Miss R. Clark, and Mr. C. Nixon. 1857 wurde er als Mitglied des Er trat 1866 auch in Frankreich auf und reiste dann wieder nach Russland, starb aber unterwegs im polnischen Bitte entferne diesen Hinweis nur, wenn du den Artikel so weit überarbeitet hast, dass der Text den aktuellen Wissensstand zu diesem Thema widerspiegelt, dies Ira Frederick Aldridge (* 24. The Ira Aldridge Troupe tried to pirate that piracy, and, in collaboration with its audience, turn minstrelsy to its own ends.Simmons, William J., and Henry McNeal Turner. According to modern critics Errol Hill and James Vernon Hatch, early reviews were mixed. It was while studying that he came into contact with drama and … Ira had 11 siblings: Mary Elizabeth Stainback (born Aldridge), William Henry Aldridge and 9 other siblings. Men of Mark: Eminent, Progressive and Rising. He earned admiration from his audiences while most critics emphasized Aldridge's lack of stage training and experience. "The Ira Aldridge Troupe: Early Black Minstrelsy in Philadelphia." 733–739.On the wall of the tenement house at ul. Somerset collaborated on a new version that transformed Aaron, a Moor and the lover of the barbarian queen Tamora, from villain to hero, subverting racial stereotype. The news of Ira Aldridge's death in Poland and the record of his achievement as an actor reached the American black community slowly.Many troupes were being founded in various places around America. The History of the First Black Shakespearean Tragic" Numerous assemblies have on each night testified their approbation of his impersonation of Othello and Revenge." The unveiling of the plaque was also attended by Prof. Krystyna Kujawińska-Courtney from the University of Lodz, author of the book "Ira Aldridge (1807-1867). Aldridge sollte wie sein Vater Missionar werden und ging dafür 1825 nach Glasgow. Two of his daughters became professional opera singers. Piotrkowska 175, in the place where he died (at that time the "Paradyz" inn operated here). It was where his wife, Margaret, and later his second wife, Amanda, brought up his children.

Juli 1807 in New York; † 7. He named the house ‘Luranah Villa’ in memory of his mother.

His family was keen for Ira Aldridge to follow his father into the ministry and he studied at the African Free School in New York City. Aldridge was born in New York City to Reverend Daniel and Luranah (also spelled Lurona) Aldridge on July 24, 1807. Mavoleen was born on February 20 1919, in North Carolina. Aldridge sollte wie sein Vater Missionar werden und ging dafür 1825 nach Bis 1852 spielte Aldridge in den Provinzstädten Großbritanniens, unternahm darauf mit einer von ihm geleiteten Schauspielergesellschaft eine Reise auf das Festland, besuchte Amsterdam, Brüssel, Hamburg, Berlin, Wien, Pest, Königsberg etc. Ira … Especially in the years leading up to the emancipation of all slaves in the British colonies in 1832, he would speak of the injustice of slavery and the passionate desire for freedom of those held in bondage.During Aldridge's seven-week engagement at the Royal Coburg, the young actor starred in five plays. Piotrkowska 175, in the place where he died (at that time the "Paradyz" inn operated here).
While his wife’s health was beginning to decline, Aldridge began a relationship with a Swedish singer named Amanda Brandt, who also enjoyed making up family ancestry, she falsely … He planned to return to the post-Plaque unveiled around June-July 2014, on the wall of the tenement house at ul. They had four children: Aldridge spent most of his final years with his family in Russia and continental Europe, interspersed with occasional visits to England. So everybody goes to the theater expecting to laugh because this is the man they think Mathews saw in New York City.An innovation Aldridge introduced early in his career was a direct address to the audience on the closing night of his engagement at a given theatre.

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