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Workers reportedly lacked the power to remove themselves from situations that endangered their health or safety without jeopardizing their employment.Labor organizations alleged that hazardous work environments resulted in the deaths of thousands of workers annually. Bakhshi, referring to the Intelligence Ministry agents, said, “[T]hey tortured me and beat me with their fists and kicked me until I was going to die. During the year authorities increased pressure against these protesters through intimidation, wrongful arrests, and arbitrary charges.Little information was available regarding labor inspection and related law enforcement. Amnesty International labelled the government’s last-minute permission a “cynical publicity stunt” to “whitewash their image” following the death of Khodayari.As noted by the former UNSR and other organizations, female athletes have been traditionally barred from participating in international tournaments, either by the country’s sport agencies or by their husbands. Political criminals should be held in detention facilities separate from ordinary criminals. Prison authorities granted Mohammadi limited medical attention for significant health problems during the year but continued to deny her family visitation and telephone calls, according to media reports.

Women must ride in a reserved section on public buses and enter some public buildings, universities, and airports through separate entrances.The law provides that a woman who appears in public without appropriate attire, such as a cloth scarf veil (In May, CHRI reported that authorities arrested 30 individuals, including both men and women, who were practicing yoga inside a home in the city of Gorgan. Workers reportedly lacked the power to remove themselves from situations that endangered their health or safety without jeopardizing their employment.Labor organizations alleged that hazardous work environments resulted in the deaths of thousands of workers annually. Iran. Iran’s GDP in 2019/20 is estimated at US$463 billion. For example, on November 17, according to press reports, the supreme leader’s office sent a letter to parliament urging members of parliament to end debate on fuel rationing and pricing, which spurred major countrywide protests two days earlier.In 2017 the Guardian Council approved six Shia male candidates for president from a total candidate pool of 1,636 individuals. Over the year, as protests arose across the country among various groups and by individuals expressing diverse grievances and demands, actions by security forces resulted in hundreds of additional arrests and further alleged deaths.CHRI reported that authorities denied detainees access to attorneys and threatened them with charges that carried the death penalty if they sought counsel. Penalties were not sufficient to deter violations.According to media reports, many workers continued to be employed on temporary contracts, under which they lacked protections available to full-time, noncontract workers, and could be dismissed at will. In April authorities warned citizens they could be prosecuted for posting pictures of major flooding in the country’s southwest under the charge of “disturbing public opinion.” On October 5, authorities reportedly arrested Instagram user Sahar Tabar for “blasphemy” and “encouraging youths to corruption” for posts on her account depicting results of her numerous plastic surgeries. Clerical courts were used to prosecute Shia clerics who expressed controversial ideas and participated in activities outside the sphere of religion, such as journalism or reformist political activities.In March Ayatollah Hossein Shirazi, son of Grand Ayatollah Sadeq Shirazi, was arrested in Qom for criticizing “governance by the jurist,” the foundational principle underpinning the supreme leader’s power, and calling the supreme leader “the pharaoh” during a lecture.

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