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He had a Russian assault grenade gripped tightly in his hand. They overpowered PC Trevor Lock of the diplomatic protection squad and took a total of 26 people hostage. By Monday, and with no sign of his demands being met, Salim's mood changed for the worse and tensions rose. Salim threatened to shoot a hostage. Covered by armed police, Abbas Lavasani's body is removed from outside the embassy. Amongst the hostages are men from the BBC who were arranging visas. New, unseen images have emerged of the siege. It's said that one SAS trooper separated the terrorist and led him back into the embassy, presumably to finish him off. Revisit the extraordinary roles that put stars like After a 6 day stand off the SAS took action to deal with them. 1.0 out of 5 stars Iranian Embassy Siege - Directed by Robert Garofalo Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 October 2009 This one directed by Robert Garofalo is by far the worst documentery I have seen on the SAS embassy siege. Fowzi Nejad, the only surviving terrorist, was later sentenced to life imprisonment for his part in the siege. One of the terrorists had hid himself amongst the hostages but was soon identified and separated.

The SAS were now ordered to go in.As the terrorist leader was kept busy on the phone with negotiations, the SAS assault teams moved to their start positions. Terrorists now knew that if they undertook an operation against British interests that the UK would respond with deadly efficiency.

go! To make matters worse, stun grenades that had been lobbed in through smashed windows below him had set curtains alight and the flames were licking up and roasting him alive.

As soon as the man hit the floor at the base of the stairs, several SAS troopers opened fire, killing the man instantly.
The terrorists had now crossed the line.

TV Movie SAS Iranian Embassy Siege Documentary Operation Nimrod. They demanded the release of 91 political prisoners who were imprisoned in Iran. The Film : Embassy Siege, A Bbc2 Documentary Reported By Peter Taylor 1980 Words | 8 Pages. Police marksmen cover him from the next door balconies. One SAS trooper had gotten tangled in his abseiling gear and was hanging halfway down the wall. A British-New Zealand production, it is based on the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege in London and stars Jamie Bell, Abbie Cornish, Mark Strong and Martin Shaw.. The UK government's emergency committee, COBRA, was setup to monitor and manage the evolving crisis.
The terrorists, who called themselves the 'Democratic Revolutionary Front for Arabistan' were protesting against the oppression of Khuzestan by the then Iranian leader - Ayatollah Khomeini. Their once low profile, however, had been changed forever and the SAS was now a household word. go!' B Squadron, who were during their stint on the Anti-Terrorist team, sped down the motorway to London. Colleagues with cooler heads prevented him from doing so and the terrorist was properly arrested. command over the radio. between fact and fiction in the context of SAS – Embassy Siege, a BBC2 documentary reported by Peter Taylor (2002). The techniques used in the operation were quickly studied and copied by other special forces and counter-terrorism units around the world. Salim (with phone) and terrorist colleague inside the embassy. 8.7/10 26. 6 Days is a 2017 action thriller film directed by Toa Fraser and written by Glenn Standring. Not for the last time, however, controversy raged over the SAS's methods, particularly when dealing with unarmed terrorists. This DVD is highly recommended and well worth picking up. Whilst negotiations continued with the terrorists, this time with the aim of stalling for time, operational control was handed over from the MET to the MOD. 11:30am Wednesday April 30th, 1980 : Six Iranian gunmen force their way into the Iranian Embassy at Princes Gate, London.

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