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irish republican army socialism

IRSP's The IRSP put forward five candidates in Northern Ireland local elections, 2011, its first foray into electoral politics in almost 30 years. Built with ♥ by Ideology: ‘Democratic Socialism’ (See Social Democracy), Left-Wing Nationalism, Irish Republicanism, Europhilia Paramilitary: Provisional Irish Republican Army ( PIRA ) [DECOMMISSIONED] Split from: Workers’ Party ( WP ) High quality Irish Republican Army gifts and merchandise. His supporters blamed the Official IRA for the killing. The housing commission's sole purpose would be to deliver high standard secure social housing for all. Irish Republican Socialist Party. The IRSP campaigns for an all-Ireland one single publicly funded health care system with further resources made available for research at the teaching Hospitals in Belfast, Dublin and Galway.

There must be a total opposition to all forms of nuclear activity, power and bombs with the immediate closure of the Sellafield nuclear plant. The IRSP views unionism and Orangeism, and by definition loyalism in Ireland, as a reactionary, racist and anti-democratic ideology which must be opposed at every opportunity. The IRSP calls for the formation of a commission consisting of all representatives of the organised working class, including the academic community, to examine ways and means for the establishing of an all-Ireland student centered education system. It does, however, recognise the importance of maintaining traditional cultural forms and supports the revival of the Irish language and promotes calls for greater resources to be made available in the promotion of Gaelic games and the Irish language and encourages an all-Ireland approach to the promotion of Irish culture.The IRSP recognises and acknowledges the cultural changes taking place within twenty-first-century Ireland and welcomes any attempts to integrate all newcomers as consistent with the need to build a multicultural modern Ireland. Sample DescriptionThe IRSP see merit in campaigning positively for a border poll or referendum on the issue of Irish unification. Having specified the date for its total withdrawal from Ireland, Britain must immediately withdraw all troops to barracks, release all republican political prisoners, grant a general amnesty for all offences arising from the military campaign against British forces or through involvement in the civil disobedience campaign, abolish all repressive legislation, grant a Bill of Rights which will allow complete freedom of political action and outlaw all discrimination whether it be on the basis of class, creed, political opinion or sex. Consequently, the IRSP supports moves towards greater co-operation between European socialist political organisations and we call for a referendum on Ireland leaving the European Union.As a matter of urgency, the IRSP calls for the establishment of a national commission of enquiry to establish the most effective means of re-establishing the national rail network. Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea!I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. © Copyright Sample DescriptionThe IRSP supports the prosecution of a policy aimed at reducing our dependency on non-renewable sources of energy, both domestic and industrial, and a clear commitment to using renewable sources of energy as the main source of energy. Just better. IRISH BORDER POLL, NATIONAL CANVASS

The IRSP believes that the partition of Ireland is the single biggest factor against economic stability North and South and contributed in no small part to the continuation of discrimination and exploitation and that a commission be established consisting of all representatives of the organised working class to examine ways and means to establish an all Ireland socialist economic system. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world.

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