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is strahan, sara and keke cancelled

SSkeekee was ok, but I didnt see why you said that these comments are racist. Perhaps a return to The View?I’d rather have the people of Pine Vally back on at 1, just my opinionWhen Is ABC Bringing Back All My Children And One Life To Live.That’s scheduled to happen the day after I open a ski resort here in Hell.I’m sorry but the cancellation of Strahan, Sara and Keke does not break my heart. The show was doomed from the start because it featured Michael Strahan! There are enough talk shows and game shows.Why cant ABC make a good decision anymore?! Please bring it back…I’ll never have & never will watch anything that they put on at 12:00 or 1:00 on ABC since they took AMC off. Hillsborough State AG arrests Tampa teenager for masterminding Twitter hackEarnings: Housing is on fire, but apparel and restaurants are struggling Keke Palmer is reportedly joining Michael Strahan and Sara Haines on GMA's Strahan and Sara as a full-time co-host. I know you won’t even consider canceling one of the Bell SOAPS to make room.Get rid of the talk…its not the same as it was when it premiered.Better yet, how about putting GL and ATWT IN NIGHTIME…at 10 or 11 at night? Heather and Erika now hold the most wins for an actress with 6! The hosts made the show. I was so worried about him. I had hoped with all the attention reboots and AMC were getting that what would come would be a 30 minute GMA3 and – 30 minute AMC, which would return to taping in NYC. Keke Palmer is addressing those Strahan, Sara and Keke cancellation rumors.. Why not bring it.I liked and miss the SSK show. She changed the dynamic of the show and was overbearing. I do hope she finds a quality assignment that allows her to sparkle. ABC’s morning show, “Strahan, Sara and Keke,” is being canceled according to Page Six. Its replacement is a ton of recycled news that you can turn to any given news station and watch a segment of. I cant imagine Tyra Banks being half as good of a host on DWTS. Pretty soon shows like GMA will be all that’s on during the day and that’s when I turn my TV off.straham Sara and Keke was a mess to watch, Sara Haines does way better at the view wish I hope takes her back, or she can do what you need to know with Amy Robach. On Ryan shared: “It’s been a very difficult and emotional day for all of us atThrough her tears, Kelly expressed:  “As people get older, you always know that certain things are inevitable, and passing away is one of those things, but Regis is one of the people that we all believed, I think, would somehow figure out a way around the inevitable. I don’t even turn my television on except for episodes of GH. If we can’t have AMC – why not a cooking show?? But I have never expected ABC or the CBS (to bring back GL or ATWT) network daytime executives to do anything that actually makes sense. There are too many shows doing the same things with different hosts. Dont we have enough problems in the world today about racism, now you’re bringing up racism cuz they’re talking about different shows.Why would you say that? When you look at daytime ratings before all the re-runs of the summer took hold, 2 shows were tops in ratings and demos….CBS’s The Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal.

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