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is supersymmetry proven

It can do more than provide a potential way forward; it can capture the imagination as well. That we observe it to have a mass of merely 1.25 × 10The first robust, 5-sigma detection of the Higgs boson was announced a few years ago by both the CMSIn theory, SUSY is a possible solution to this puzzle, where practically no other known solutions remain viable. High-energy particles can collide with others, producing showers of new particles that can be seenEvery so often, an idea comes along in theoretical physics that's undeniably profound. Whenever you have a charge, it produces both an electric field and a voltage (electric potential) around it. The electron has a finite amount of energy inherent to it, defined by its rest mass and Einstein's famous equation: Visualization of a quantum field theory calculation showing virtual particles in the quantum vacuum.If you ask, based on the laws of electromagnetism, what Not only can the electron produce a photon to cause it to interact with itself, but it can also annihilate with the positron in an electron-positron pair fluctuation, leaving only the "fluctuation" electron behind. If its predictions are borne out, it could kick off an entirely new understanding of the Universe.This was exactly the situation when physicists hit upon the idea of supersymmetry, or SUSY for short. The study of these and other subatomic particles is called One of the latest topics in particle physics research is "supersymmetry" which, like stringSubatomic particles aren't the smallest units of matter. If you want SUSY to solve the problem of why the masses are as small as they are, you need at least one of the superparticles you can create to be of the same order of magnitude as the heaviest Standard Model particles.This was one of the major signatures that the LHC was designed and built to see. It solves problems that no other competitor does in an elegant and powerful way. On the one hand, we have a large group of people, both theorists and experimentalists, who are following the evidence closely, seeking alternative explanations for these various puzzles, and responsibly constraining the viable scenarios to progressively tighter bounds. So supersymmetry is, in this sense, very special. Supersymmetry is still possible because it has many adjustable features that can be tweaked to remove it from the exclusion ranges of existing parameter space (keep in mind that SUSY is a class of theories and not just a single theory). However, just because it offers a possible solution doesn't mean it's correct. The field of All known particles, including the sub-atomic particles, and their interactions are described by The Standard Model describes three of four fundamental forces in the universe: The study of the smallest particles and the forces that affect and govern them has led physicists to the idea of supersymmetry. I have won numerous awards for science writing since 2008 for my blog, No matter how often we fool ourselves, nor how many scientists get fooled, nature is the ultimate arbiter of reality. So far, however, superpartner particles have not been detected in experiments using the The concept of supersymmetry, while extremely complex, is, at its heart, a way to delve deeper into the fundamental particles that make up the universe. So far, however, superpartner particles have not been detected in experiments using the Large Hadron Collider. Supersymmetry is an elegant theory, and if it is proven to be true, it would go a long way toward helping physicists fully explain the building blocks of matter within the Standard Model and bring gravity into the fold. In fact, each of the predictions of SUSY are extremely problematic for physics.Constraints on WIMP dark matter are quite severe, experimentally.

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