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is toneri a good guy

Leogian, did it. Couple Manga Anime Love Couple Anime Couples Manga Cute Anime Couples Manga Anime Image Couple Cute Couple Drawings Manga Love Manga Drawing. Join the community.Welcome fellow Shinobi to the best community dedicated to the world of Naruto This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

"...I thought you're going to oppose it-" said Toneri in a surprised tone. However the beam seemed to be reflected back at Toneri upon contact, and the shield in the symbol on Leogian's chest was now scratched.

He is protector of earth. toneri. Is this the term how we are going to call it in the future?

said Naruto cheerfully.

Naruhina Naruto Uzumaki Hinata Boruto Naruto Boys Dream Guy Handsome Manga Guys. After the wedding is interrupted by Naruto, Toneri makes several attempts to involve Hinata in killing him, but Toneri is ultimately defeated. Six magatama designs are tattooed on his chest, resembling the necklace worn by Hagoromo. Though in your defense I supposed I should have assumed the arrogant God-Complex. Until then, he requests that Hinata knit a scarf for him. "That is not good." Control over ninjas at his commandSuffering headaches from his overuse of chakraTake Hinata away and make her his bride Hanabi whom he captured after failing to kidnap her sister, Hinata, thanks to Naruto's intervention - which caused Naruto and his gang consisting of Sai, Shikamaru, Sakura and Hinata herself to set out and rescue her before the moon destroys Earth. Hinata questions Toneri over his actions, to which he replies he did not want to risk her getting hurt. And of course, he will be Boruto's sensei in training, but even Naruto didn't have the same teacher to teach him all tricks of his.Because Sasuke has Sharingan and Rinnegan he has a lot of experience about eye techniques. Before Toneri can use the Puppet Technique on her once more, his Tenseigan undergoes the final stage of its awakening, overwhelming him with pain. Over the following days, Toneri's puppets give him regular reports on the whereabouts and activities of Hinata and her team, but he stops the puppets from actually engaging with them. Both the tunic and robe are embroidered in gold, with six golden magatama on the tunic's collar and a yellow Ōtsutsuki branch family emblem on the back of the robe.

Hinata agrees. He will definetly show us some more tricks of his and all of them will come more or less out of nowhere, like this "space-time ability".This eye seems a lot of like Tenseigan in black base. :first_quarter_moon_with_face: Who is Toneri? Toten stood to his feet clinching his fist, but Whis placed his hand out in front of him. Lifting his eyebrow, Toneri gave off a slight chuckle. Leogian thought to himself, having heard some tales about the newly crowned God of Creation. After learning the real truth that Hamura's will was never to destroy the Earth, Toneri chose to remain on the Moon to atone for his sins, declining Naruto and Hinata's invitation to come live on Earth, but assuring them that the Moon will never approach the Earth again.

Now everyone is pressed to find and save Hanabi and Hinata and stop the Earth from being destroyed. "We were here." He formed another sphere in his free hand, and teleported throwing it at Leogian yet again. Toneri is powerful enough to dislodge the Moon from orbit and even overwhelm Naruto; who helped defeat and seal away his ancestor, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki‎‎.

Hinata gives the scarf she's repaired to Naruto, tells him goodbye, and departs with Toneri.

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