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When Chandrayaan 1 was launched, the universities and educational institutions became more interested in launching such experimental satellites for students. Since then, there has been no going back, and ISRO has successfully launched many Remote Sensing satellites that are currently in operation. ISRO has dedicated some of its satellites for experimental purposes and launched their satellites keeping this in mind. This has made India a country with one of the largest numbers of constellations with remote sensing satellites.Some of the important ones that were launched recently are HysIS, SCATSAT-1, Cartosat-2 Series Satellite and many more. Some of the Navigation satellites of India are IRNSS, GAGAN, NavIC, and others.

The Indian Space Research Organization or ISRO has been successful in sending many satellites to space.

Satellites like AstroSat, Mars Orbiter Mission and Chandrayaan 1 are some of the satellites that fall under this category. NSE Gainer-Large Cap . With its mission of carrying out space research to make the lives of people on the Earth easier, ISRO has sent satellites in various areas. Chandrayaan 2 will also be launched very soon which is a much-advanced version of the already existing ones.The navigation satellites have become very popular in recent times and are known to have commercial as well as strategic applications. They have achieved a lot in all of the given categories and are working positively to achieve more.

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Aryabhata was India's first satellite, named after the famous Indian astronomer. The data from these satellites are used in our daily life starting from television broadcasting, telecommunication, satellite news gathering, weather forecasts, helps in rescue and search operations, warning about possible natural calamities or disasters and much more.

Hence, there is no doubt that ISRO will succeed in sending out many more satellites and will make our lives, even more, easier in the coming future.All Rights Reserved © 2020 The satellites sent within this category are YOUTHSAT and Microsat.

These small satellites are quick and efficient in gathering simple information or photos from the space.ISRO has a great influence on academic institutions and universities, thanks to its communication satellites, astronomy, and remote sensing. It helps in attaining data in a more diversified temporal, spatial, and spectral that can cater to different types of users across the globe as well as within the country. ISRO Satellite Integration and Test Establishment (ISITE) is equipped with state-of-the-art clean room facilities for spacecraft integration and test facilities including a 6.5 Metre thermo vacuum chamber, 29 Ton vibration facility, Compact Antenna Test Facility and acoustic test facility under one roof. Two buses have been developed to give an adaptable platform for varied kinds of payloads.

ISRO Satellites News and Updates from The These satellites are also very important to take the arena of space studies ahead. This list of space telescopes (astronomical space observatories) is grouped by major frequency ranges: gamma ray, x-ray, ultraviolet, visible, infrared, microwave and radio.Telescopes that work in multiple frequency bands are included in all of the appropriate sections. Nifty 11,300.55 168.75. ISRO gets to work with young talent, and students who want to pursue their career in this field get the right exposure.To sum up, the ISRO has a diverse set of satellites that cover a wide range of activities in space. Some of the many uses of the data gathered from these satellites are for water resources, rural development, agriculture, environment, forest, ocean resources, and others.The Indian Space Research programs are designed to research varied areas including astrophysics, astronomy, atmospheric sciences, planetary & earth sciences, theoretical physics and much more. ISRO originally intended to launch MOM with its Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV), but the GSLV failed twice in 2010 and still had issues with its cryogenic engine.

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