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In an interview with Jake Tapper, the vice president asked Americans not to politicize the virus — as he politicized it. Fauci gives his thoughts on another potential lockdownSingle mom to lawmakers: Please don't make us have to call a shelterTrump repeatedly downplayed the virus as the US reopenedMom after losing daughter to Covid-19: I'm empty insideHere's what Fauci thinks about the latest vaccine trialHow Covid-19 numbers are looking across the countryThey created a community of Covid-19 'long haulers'California reports highest number of single-day Covid-19 deathsDoctor describes trying to revive patient in parking lotFauci: Hate mail and threats made against me because of Covid-19Parents describe dealing with two Covid-19 positive sons America has the cleanest air and water in the world, we'll continue to use market— TAPPER: It's not true. CNN's Jake Tapper tried to pin Vice President Mike Pence on the question of whether climate change is a "threat" in an interview Sunday on "State … CNN’s Jake Tapper hosted Vice President Mike Pence on his program this weekend, and things quickly got heated. Jake Tapper on Vice President Pence's claim that "we are in a much better place" on coronavirus: "It's true that things might be better today than weeks ago when 2,000 Americans were dying from Covid-19 every single day, but the curve has not flattened. Back into modified classrooms come to full, I can tell you plan a is a maximum number of kids in schools testing must increase, say the experts the White House Task Force now considering what's called pool testing you pull the blood of a bunch of people and tested if negative They're all clear if positive, then you take the time to test everyone individually cooling would give us the capacity to go from a half a million tasks a day to potentially five million individuals tested today per day. I'm Jake Tapper. Efforts President Trump mobilized at the federal level. The opposite is true." DeSantis has forgotten about his city as it struggles with Covid-19 cases. Trump is refusing of course to set an example and where a mask in public, he continues to hold rallies with no social distancing rallies that are veritable petri dishes and today at the first Co. the reality is we're in a much better place with the. there may be a tendency among the American people to think that we are we are back to that place that we were. Barr held firm that he is not using his position to do the President’s biddingRep. CNN's Nick Watch Starts us off today from Hardt California as we see new cases rising and we're tracking them very carefully. Look at these charts from the European Union and South Korea that as of now have dealt with the virus effectively, especially compared to the United. I was all 50 States are opening up our country again. Welcome to the lead. She recommends having some specific strategies, as it "gives kids a sense of controllability.

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