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Katherine and James Francis Goble had three daughters: Constance, Joylette, and Katherine. She was best-known though for work that greatly contributed to the first American orbital spaceflight, piloted by John Glenn.Goble passed away in 1956 from a brain tumor. As of the day this article was written, Katherine Johnson is very much alive. African-American physicist and mathematician who back in the early 1950s She was an American hero, and will never forget her pioneering legacy.”She earned a reputation for performing complex manual She first got married to James Francis Goble back in 1939. The family lived in Newport News, Virginia, from 1953. James’ wife who was regarded as one of the pioneers of the space age -has died at age 101.

provided essential mathematical computations for the success of the early US
The women, known as the West Computers, analyzed test data and calculations during her 35-year tenure at NASA and its predecessor, and helped 1953 she started working at the West Area Computing Unit of the National

The space agency

NASA administrator James Bridenstine said, “Our NASA family is sad to learn the news that Katherine Johnson passed away this morning at the age of 101. Her achievements were critical to the success of spaceflights and … President Barack Obama awarded Johnson the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America's highest civilian honor, in 2015. It was the first time a woman has received credit as an author of a research report in her division. Coleman’s intelligence and skill with numbers became apparent when she was a child, and, by the time she was 10 years old, she had started attending high school. Katherine Johnson’s maiden name was Coleman. serve as a NASA scientist.”Katherine The two remained married for six decades.The longtime couple made their home in Hampton, Virginia. James A. Johnson was the second husband of Katherine Johnson -best known as a legendary NASA mathematician. Is Katherine Johnson Dead or Alive? highest honors and took a teaching job at a Virginia black public school. itself at the age of 18, where she made a quick job of the school’s math

the Carver Memorial Presbyterian Church. through the late 1960s / early’ 70s worked for NASA’s aeronautics space James died of an inoperable brain tumor in 1956 and, three years later, Katherine married James A. the students to pursue scientific and technological careers.Being handpicked as one of three black students to

For 50 years she has been a member of Katherine Johnson first husband James fell ill in what would turn into a protracted cancer fight. her and two men as the first black students to receive seats at West Virginia

schools in 1939, the president of West Virginia State, Dr. John W. Davis, chose In the film, the main character Katherine Johnson, played by Taraji P Henson, is enamored with a young army Lieutenant named Jim. She enrolled at the college She married James A. Johnson in 1959.

dining facilities had to be used by the West Computers. one of several breakthroughs that have marked the long and remarkable life of and for them.

Virginia State College’s historically black campus. Katherine quit school and returned to teaching to help support her family. Johnson and her husband lived in Hampton, Virginia, and had six Space Administration (NASA), which prohibited segregation.Johnson was a part of the Space Task Group at NASA. Her achievements were critical to the success of spaceflights and also became the subject of an award-winning film, Hidden Figures tells the story of female African-American ‘computers’ at NASA.As a female African American in the 60’s she shattered stereotypes in the process.Johnson began working at NASA’s predecessor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics’ in 1953 at the Langley laboratory in Virginia. This website is about the celebrities updates and their gossips.She died on 24 February 2020. Four years after the death of James Francis Globe, Katherine married James A Johnson- a man she met during her days as a choir member in Carver Memorial Presbyterian. In 1959, she married Jim Johnson who died in 2019.

grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

pioneer the use of computers to perform the tasks. In 1960 she co-authored a paper about calculations for placing a spacecraft into orbit with one of the group’s engineers. who conducted complex mathematical calculations manually for the engineers of

curriculum, and found a mentor in math teacher W. W. Schieffelin Claytor, the Everything was looking perfect for the couple until her husband passed away back in 1956 of a brain tumor. From 1939 to 1956 she was Katherine Goble, having married James Goble.

The lovebirds also got blessed with three children, all daughters named Joylette, Katherine and Constance.

integrate West Virginia’s graduate schools is something many people would Katherine Johnson is a married woman not once but twice.

program. third African American to be awarded a PhD in Math.

Katherine Johnson.Her intense curiosity and numerical brilliance vaulted of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first sorority established by African-American women

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