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of Chadick Ellig; and Jared Redick of The Redick Group.In 1946, a Chicago industrialist created a wonderland in the middle of nowhere. ]Within a month, he was gone. They have also lived in Cambridge, MA and Boca Raton, FL. The firm had also done sports work and was considering expansion in that direction.When I talked to career advisers and search consultants about Rana’s career journey, they pointed out that this is a perfect example of preparation meeting opportunity. Already competing in half-Ironman triathlons, she figured she could also use the time to train for a full Ironman.Rana networked heavily to build relationships in Colorado and heard about a posting for an Assistant General Counsel at the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC). And I didn’t have the option to fail.”Why did departing GC Gerwitz handpick Rana to be his successor when he knew she didn’t have experience in so many components of the USOC GC position?Executive and legal recruiter Lan Nguyen notes, “While it can sometimes seem that the talent pool is limitless with so many people out there looking for a job, the fact is top talent with potential is very scarce.” Given the USOC’s uniqueness, no lawyer would have experience in every area under the USOC GC’s purview.

Rana was very forward-thinking and it paid off.”Rana was one of the more than 150 attorneys I interviewed for the 2011 classic edition of “Set long-term goals and don’t forget to periodically reassess those goals since priorities change over timeCross-train as a lawyer to learn different areas of both law and businessLearn about people with different backgrounds and perspectivesShe’s also been involved with events hosted by ESPN, American Bar Association, the Sports Lawyers Association, Colorado Bar Association, the Hogan Lovells Global Women’s Executive Summit, and local organizations.A key point she often makes is that careers actually begin much earlier than most people think. of Major, Lindsey & Africa; Lan N. Nguyen, Esq. Top legal recruiter Heather Fine notes career counselors and career coaches are resources underutilized by lawyers: “It’s critical for attorneys to take advantage of career coaches. She wasn’t afraid of being labeled a quitter because Many attorneys shy away from the idea of networking. The USOC has exclusive rights to Olympic-related intellectual property in the U.S. He’s a graduate of Brooklyn College and was the valedictorian of his class at Yale Law School, as well as the editor-in-chief of the Yale Law Journal.

I got my work done, but when assignments came late in the day or in the evening and I had plans, I had no hesitation saying to them, ‘Is it necessary for me to cancel or can I start on it first thing in the morning?’”Ability to relocate for family reasons—which has contributed to Rana’s personal and professional success—may also be a reflection of that safety net.

With her credentials and without massive student debt, she could—in a very literal sense—afford to take the risk in ways the lawyers in a tight job market don’t feel they can. They wrongly assume that no response is the same thing as rejection. “The more management experience a lawyer can get in-house, the better. For example, Jared Redick, principal of The Redick Group, says, “I often talk about the magic that happens when opportunity meets preparation. It was still a boom time for lawyers, but rather than leave the firm outright—it’s almost always easier to get a job if you already have a job—she and the firm negotiated a six-month sabbatical. “I’m not aware of any doors opening because of him in Colorado.

If you get stuck at one place, fifteen years can go by and you stopped being challenged several years into it and then you are in a much more difficult position trying to find a new role. Carolyn Cohen is the second wife of Alan Dershowitz, the well-known criminal defense attorney and Fox News political commentator.

She planned for six months of time between jobs, during which she could also make decisions about her personal life. Your #1 Resource on Legal Careers: Free Blog with 1000+ Expert Posts

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