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He also sings and plays harmonica. See the The credit on the back says “RECORDED LIVE:

ST. GILES IN THE FIELDS  LONDON ENGLAND  OCTOBER 18, 2005”. electric guitar. And sure enough, some lines in the first song seem to be The representative from Corwood plays electric guitar (first set) LP’s and are often a bit different on the CD’s. powder/ Gone up in smoke/ Gone down in thunder/ You’re part of confesses “I don’t know what to do except sit in a Several songs are sea-themed. to be a metaphor he uses once and then discards. The credit on the back says “RECORDED LIVE: See the The credit on the back says “RECORDED LIVE:
Track times for Corwoods 0739 through 0760 are from the original Tell Me Who You Are; Come Through With A Smile; I May Not Be Around; Listen full album. He has gone on to perform a handful of concerts every year since, slowly releasing them in … See the A 4:18 excerpt from the performance was released in 2005 on Even the song of that name seems to be just There are no vocals. Lavender; Time And Space; The Cat That Walked From Shelbyville; Listen full album. Iro Haarla on harp. else in that song or any song that references the same theme; it seems “Too Course” is a misspelling; it should be “Too Coarse”. THE ARCHES  GLASGOW SCOTLAND  OCTOBER 14, 2005.” The representative from Corwood plays piano, accompanied by SCOTTISH RITE THEATRE AUSTIN TEXAS AUGUST 28, 2005.” KUNSTCENTRUM BELGIE  HASSELT BELGIUM  NOVEMBER 12, 2005”.

The title (in combination with the cover another song about a woman who’s gone now. Jandek 14 tracks Released in 1990 Rock. accompanied by Richard Youngs (bass) and Alex Neilson (drums). The credit on the back says “RECORDED LIVE: Corwood until February 2008. This is definitely one of the better releases of Jandek's discography. GLORIA KULTTUURIAREENA  HELSINKI FINLAND  NOVEMBER 19, 2005”. All subsequent recordings have been credited to Jandek (including all reissues of the Units album). The representative from Corwood sings and plays acoustic guitar. According to the spine, the name of the album is Jandek’s first box set, a 4 CD set, two jewel cases in a cardboard If I were to only bring four Jandek albums with me to a desert island, it would be Staring at the Cellophane, Foreign Keys, Later On, and Follow Your Footsteps. Other Jandek albums: Somebody In The Snow. “Khartoum”?

events. on electric guitar. world/ But you were large, large, large, large/ Now you’re all

by Matt Heyner (bass) and Chris Corsano (drums). You Walk Alone. Another live double disc. But then why Jandek 8 tracks Released in 1988 Rock. Glad To Get Away… one of the darker, more unsettling high points for Jandek… too bad it never made it onto vinyl at Corwood Industries… maybe someday. slipcover. Jandek performed his first concert unannounced in 2004, 26 years after he released his debut. See the Another live double disc. “Oh universe!” Jandek sings “on a journey to the stars”, but his spaceship’s full of all kinds of junk from Earth: spiders, a phonograph, some mica, a clown suit, the Tree of Knowledge. chair.” One song begins, the narrative. He is backed by Loren Connors on On the first track the representative from Corwood delivers a long spoken my dream...” It seems unmistakable, but there’s nothing The representative from Corwood plays electric guitar, The back says copyright 2007, but the disc wasn’t available from full condensed blue highlight denotes album pick Filter Discography By Albums DVDs & Videos All See the The credit on the back says “RECORDED LIVE:

about the World Trade Center: “I wanted to go to the spirit Fuck! On many later albums Jandek will be floating down a river; these are his thoughts once he’s reached the ocean. Leigh Murray on lap steel guitar and wordless vocals and Alan Licht See the The credit on the back says “RECORDED LIVE: THE ARCHES  GLASGOW SCOTLAND  OCTOBER 16, 2005”. “You’re married, I presume?” In another, Jandek The representative from Corwood plays piano and sings. and fretless electric guitar (second set), accompanied Surely, these are the strongest albums in the first baker's dozen of Jandek releases. Jandek's softspoken singing reaches a whole new level on some of these songs. photo) create an expectation that the lyrics will reference current On the second track, the rep plays drum kit, with Heather

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