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janesville: an american story chapter summaries

The company was the largest employer in the town.
It hurts people’s standard of living. It offered the best pay and benefits. He’s been doing this for years now and has another several years to go until he’s eligible to retire, and that’s because neither he nor his family want to move to Indiana.“This is a town that’s the antithesis of a place that’s just kind of given up.”So, this really is a microcosm or a metaphor. Christopher Leonard. It hurts people’s sense of themselves. What sets it apart is the sophistication of its storytelling and analysis.” —The New York Times A Washington Post reporter’s intimate account of the fallout from the closing of a General Motors’ assembly plant in Janesville, Wisconsin—Paul Ryan’s hometown—and a larger story of the hollowing of the American middle class. I’m hoping that many people who read this story will be able to identify with it from their own perspectives. Winner 2013. Years later most would say Janesville had not recovered. I don’t think it’s an indictment of job retraining all over the place, but I think it is a cautionary story that if you’re trying to do really intensive retraining in a community that hasn’t yet generated new jobs, people aren’t necessarily going to prosper on the far end.Experts say no. Kochland. Amy Goldstein's book, Janesville: An American Story, follows the lives of several residents of Janesville after General Motors announced the closure of the Janesville plant.
Alibaba. It’s unclear what the use might be at this point, but that’s a big, big deal for Janesville after a lot of time of having this plant be the center of its economy.One of the people I follow in the story took a job after a couple of years in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Janesville is a sad tale of the wreckage left in the wake of the decline of the American manufacturing sector. Goldstein, Amy (2017) Janesville: An American Story, Simon & Schuster, New York, Ny. $27. Adaptive Markets Andrew Lo; Also in Manufacturing & Commerce. Print. SUBSCRIBE NOW $39 for one year. Amy Goldstein's book, Janesville: An American Story, follows the lives of several residents of Janesville after General Motors announced the closure of the Janesville plant. But it turns out that Janesville is quite a resilient community, and there have been very strong economic development efforts to try to bring new employment to town. By Amy Goldstein. Over the course of his career, Paul D. Ryan, the House speaker, has been described as a … It’s named for Parker High School, which is named for the Parker Pen Company, which also had a long history in Janesville that ended around this time.With the help of some other teachers, she began collecting donated food, used jeans, school supplies. Shortlist 2019. While the factory directly affected more than 7,000 workers, the effects rippled down into other aspects of life in the town. He was aware of this right from the beginning.

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