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Seeking revenge on all who they do not regard as peer or worthy of consideration, they will remain, though he be removed, executed, or retire.Also: revenge on all who they secretly/subconsciously know to be their superiors, i.e. But right now, we gotta get through the upcoming deadly months ahead.Thank you. However he is doing a lot for himself! On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”Best chuckle out of Comments section so far, and I really need one!All of you have to hope Dementia Joe is the beneficiary of an all-consuming hatred for Donald Trump that, however so slight the edge it may orovide, will propel him into the White House. What guidance might you, or your readers have for us folks to do our part to rise up to assist the USA in this time of presidential absentia.“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. Ignore what he says, and focus on how he says it. And in the Wisconsin voting case, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority decided that “Your vote or your life” is a perfectly constitutional poll tax. I’ve now had 43,00 glasses of wine, but I’m the morning I shall be sober, and I will read this again if you remind me.This is priceless, not just because you made me laugh, but for being real. Every time he has had the opportunity to do something helpful, he has chosen not to do so and in many cases has done the opposite. Several weeks ago I called it slow-motion genocide, but we’re to the point where the motion isn’t too slow anymore. Media and public figures are all propagandists. They sow chaos and death, keep their faithful in check with relentless propaganda and continue to accrue money and power for themselves and their cronies. Your name . That’s not random. Would you want your child playing in dog poop?” or “We use that alley and might track it into our house.” I always won. He’s not worried about cases.”A perfect summary of the Trumpian dynamic at work: “The ruins of Trump’s personality meeting the powers of the presidency.”Perfectly sums it up. They get it, first and foremost, from the network nightly news programs. After living through the hell of Watergate, I thought reckless presidents would be stopped cold. A poll saying confidence in him is down isn’t enough. They are structurally hidebound and beholden to sponsors: number of eyeballs is paramount; focus on conflict; short discussions; regular commercial interruptions, etc. This is framed as a plateau.Could you add a link to a good source for the concept of “search costs”? Jay Rosen Jay Rosen has been on the journalism faculty at New York University since 1986; from 1999 to 2005 he served as chair of the Department. Meaning: I do not want to be too conspiratorial about this. It’s what he has always done and the media has been complicit for at least 25 years.The number of cases and deaths in the country, and then in my state slipped into the uncanny territory. Even if he wins, he won’t last two years before his brain completely ceases to work.The definition of genocide by attrition by a founding scholar of genocide studies.And here is famine crimes as crimes against humanity — that is, withholding available commodities including medical treatment and supplies.Regarding Trump’s inaction for the first few months of the virus: He intentionally did nothing until after April 1, hoping for as many deaths as possible in the Red states prior to the Census count, to reduce their impact for the next ten years.All the descriptions by others of Trump’s abhorrent behavior and his followers’ responses to it are completely understandable when viewed in the light of Cultist actions. “Everyone who wants a test can get a test” was obviously bullshit and he knew it, but still is used to compare his latest bullshit to the evolving reality. “It’s just a park. Just please put down your drum and pick up another instrument.I have some neighbors who use to refuse to pick up after their dogs. Subsequently, the real President will be whomever he is told will be hia Vice President. Remember, the only free press in Europe during WWII was in occupied France.Most younger people (under 55) get their news Facebook. The real trick is ignoring him. That’s one thing Jay hasn’t done here.Oh, you’re the guy who makes pronouncements about what goes on in college classrooms without having spent any time in one. Rosen is the author of PressThink, a blog about journalism and its ordeals (www.pressthink.org), which …

He’s not calling and asking about data. They’re confusing people at this point when we need to be united.”White House officials also hope Americans will grow numb to the escalating death toll and learn to accept tens of thousands of new cases a day, according to three people familiar with the White House’s thinking, who requested anonymity to reveal internal deliberations.

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