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The generally inadequate status of most prison libraries goes a long way in explaining the lack of substantive research in the field. I will begin with an overview of New York State’s prison libraries as they exist today, reviewing their structures, services offered, and apparent limitations. Prison libraries face significant challenges in regards to evaluating the impact of their services. Of course, variation amongst prison libraries is a natural reflection of their unique user groups, resources, and restrictions. This paper will not consider prison law libraries, although many claims made concerning impact evaluation are likely applicable to those environments as well. Though many advocate for prison libraries on behalf of their ability to provide solace and “generate a feeling of normalcy” (UNESCO, 2019) for their users, it is hard to capture these invisible characteristics through data collection. Lewis v. Casey, 518 With few exceptions, documents offering policies and guidelines for prison libraries devote marginal attention to assessing and evaluating prison library services. 5 In her Profession article, Pratt draws on her experiences both as the parent of a school-age child and as the teacher of a large introductory course in "Culture, Ideas, Values" at Stanford 31
other correctional employees operate under quite different and perhaps Throughout the course of this paper, I plan to rely on literature review, government information, and actual conversations with local library staff and volunteers working in relevant areas. The first is scope. (Lehmann & Locke, 2005). (n.d.). It is written and edited by professor Jay Rosen, who has taught at NYU since 1986. approach to incarceration on judicial and congressional levels. Why has this remained such a pervasive and largely unaddressed issue? Impact evaluation research also suffers from conceptual, methodological, and management issues. Dissolving professional and institutional barriers can also go a long way in empowering prison librarians to better measure the impact of their services. All of these suggestions will serve to increase representations of prison librarians in valuable processes and discussions, contributing to the creation of an atmosphere more conducive to impact evaluation. A number of national and international documents guide and govern the development and implementation of prison library services around the world. Library Services to Prisoners. As Hurricane Florence has made landfall onto the Carolinas and beyond, Hurricane Issac is hurtling towards the Gulf of Mexico and Storm X is taking aim at Texas, Tom and Jay are back with a look at some of the week’s top compliance and ethics stories.For more information on how an independent monitor can help improve your company’s ethics and compliance program, visit our sponsor Welcome to the only roundtable podcast in compliance. 601 Research Paper “There have been plenty of articles — too many, it seems sometimes — that describe prison libraries, say they are useful as rehabilitative tools, and stop there.” (Barone, 1977) Ljødal, H. K., & populations, a narrow focus often develops in which the worker views that other’s priorities and approaches. “correct” or even useful; on the contrary, these perceptions prevent librarians Were prison librarians and researchers to dramatically improve impact evaluation tomorrow, it would remain exceedingly difficult to make conclusive, causal claims about the impact of particular library resources on particular inmate outcomes. under fire for its insufficient lobbying efforts on behalf of incarcerated Initiatives developed by public libraries in regards to impact evaluation are therefore often not inclusive of prison libraries, or are never shared with them.Finally, even if better communication between public and prison libraries was achieved, the LIS field itself has been called “isolated in considering the common problem of organizational effectiveness,” failing to draw on relevant research from the public and service sectors (Cameron & Whetten, 1983).Seen in this light, prison libraries and prison librarians are isolated branches of an already isolated field. Successful advocacy efforts aid in creating a culture that recognizes prison libraries as “vital contributors to the field of corrections” (Stearns, 2004) and highlight their role in promoting “recreational pursuits, education, literacy improvement, and socialization” (Ljødal, 2011).
Notwithstanding the particular challenges faced by prison libraries, it is notoriously difficult to compellingly demonstrate causal relationships between particular factors and particular outcomes. empirical data in the field.

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