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jesse helms family

Famous Kin. He proposed an act in 1974 that authorized the President to grant Helms was not at first a strong supporter of Israel; for instance, in 1973 he proposed a resolution demanding Israel return the Helms delivered a Senate speech blaming liberal media for distorting Watergate and questioned if President Nixon had a constitutional right to be considered innocent until proven guilty following the April 1973 revelation of details relating to the scandal and Nixon administration aides resigning. Helms's first interest in politics came from conversations with his conservative father-in-law. While Galifianakis avoided mention of his party's presidential candidate, the liberal In a taste of things to come, money poured into the race. He was widely credited with shifting the one-party state into a competitive two-party state. He advocated against illegal activities being condoned with concurrent "half-truth and allegations" being reported by the media. In one instance, he blocked attempts by President Bill Clinton over a period of years to appoint a black judge on the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.Helms initially fought against increasing federal financing for During his 1990 campaign against Harvey Gantt, Helms ran television commercials accusing Mr. Gantt of running a "secret campaign" in homosexual communities and of being committed to "mandatory gay rights laws" including "requiring local schools to hire gay teachers. His relations with the State Department were often acrimonious, and he blocked numerous presidential appointees. "Tar Heel Politics in the Twentieth Century: The Rise and Fall of the Progressive Plutocracy ", in Larry E. Tise and Jeffrey J. Crowe (Eds. He advocated the movement of conservatives from the Democratic Party – which they deemed too liberal – to the Republican Party. I didn't come to Washington to get along and win any popularity contests.In 1987, Helms added an amendment to the Supplemental Appropriations Act, which directed the president to use executive authority to add HIV infection to the list of excludable diseases that prevent both travel and immigration to the United States.In 1988, Helms convinced congress to implement a ban on federal funding for Helms ran for re-election in a nationally publicized and rancorous campaign against the former mayor of During the campaign the North Carolina GOP and others mailed over 125,000 notices (almost exclusively to black voters) telling them that they were not eligible to vote and warned that if they went to the polls they could be prosecuted for voter fraud.In a close race, Helms also aired a late-running television commercial titled "Another Helms television commercial accused Mr. Gantt of running a "secret campaign" in homosexual communities and of being committed to "mandatory gay rights laws" including "requiring local schools to hire gay teachers. Helms supported his former Senate colleague The summer of 1997 saw Helms engage in a protracted, high-profile battle to block the nomination of In January 1998, Helms endorsed a legislative proposal by the Cuban-American National Foundation to provide 100 million worth of food and medicine so long as Havana could promise the assistance would not be allocated to government stores or officials of the Communist Party.Helms saw the Bush administration as "understanding of the nature" of Castro and his crimes and stated his hope that an American president would eventually be able to visit Cuba at a time when the latter country and the United States could welcome each other as friends and trading partners.In January 1997, during the confirmation hearings for Secretary of State nominee In September 1997, amid the Senate voting to repeal a 50 billion tax break for the tobacco industry, Helms joined In January 1998, President Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky became public.

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