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This One Lyrics: This one's for the beat fiends and fucking G's / This one's for the street team that's bussing tees / This one's for the deets, Ps, and cutting trees / This one's for the street Jme Lyrics "Here" Man's just here Been spitting for years, top of the game, used to them stares Top of the game, musical chairs Passing the crown around with my peers Blasting the sound we founded and shared Our scene now surrounded by guys allowed to disguise the sound as like theirs Great work!Best translation I’ve come across so far,, great workIntro (Ninho) : Hey, hey Pre chorus (Ninho) : She’s the one I need, I need to present her to my mother Will you still love me if I was dead brokes like back in the days ? Merky ACE) Everything's live, everything's live Fucking hell fam, everything's live Behind the tints, in my seat, live Step out, see me on street, live ... Get over here like Kombat More tools is what I need in war Stay on point and that Roadblock, traffic, leave a gap Copyright © 2020 The International Connect You Watch Me Lyrics: Fam, you watch me / You watch me like I'm on TV / You watch me like I'm what's next / You watch me like I roll with your ex / … I'm Jme, My names tattood on the grime scene, People don't know how to test me, Been doing this from 2003 I'm a Bigboy Producer, Sick MC, I can even sing in key, I'm A GEEEEENIUS, but unfortunately You will never be like JME, You will never be like JME Ha! Move On Lyrics: Take your last breath / Life or death / What happens before or next / Anyone's guess / Life ain't fair / That's a beautiful lie / Death is the painful truth / Yeah, I know it hurts "Here" lyrics. I have enjoyed this life, but how large is the regret compared to the money that i have […]Intro : Don’t call me, don’t call me, nah Mucho La Dolce, la Dolce (la Dolce, la Dolce) Sany San Beats 1st verse : Don’t call me, I’m not there, I like to ride around at night I’m burning the salad, there’s no one next to me Gun in my underwear, […]Intro (Niska) : Eh, bless (bien ou quoi ?)

Maître Gims – Zombie (English lyrics) Maitre Gims – La Même ft. Vianney (English lyrics) MAITRE GIMS ft. Vitaa, Dadju, Slimane – Bella Ciao (English lyrics) Maître Gims – Mon coeur avait raison (English Lyrics) (Audio Only) MAITRE GIMS – Le pire (English lyrics) Sofiane – Arafricain ft. Maitre Gims (English lyrics) Girls and man are like "Jme's deep" Bare pictures when they see me on street Old school rudeboy like Crazy T All you man don't want it with me I'm a bad rudeboy, badboy MC Say my name, Jme Nostradamus couldn't see me Expelliarmus couldn't stop me How could a man with a uni degree Be bussing up mic and chatting his grease?

takeover. I don’t know what to answer I did what I could, I don’t have to defend myself I’m often elsewhere, don’t take it the wrong way Search for a flaw and you […] Lyrics to 'JME' by JME. Be my Elvira, be my Cardi, I’ll be your Offset There’s a […]Lijpe: next best, i dont need to talk to much. VERSE: this lifestyle is not for ever. The best one out there and it even rhymes somewhat in English. Jme Lyrics "Live" (feat. Yeah, eh Eh 1st verse (Niska) : Chief bandit, we’re at war, I activated the mode (eh) I’m the kind of mean nigga that doesn’t wear any skin cream That bitch doesn’t know yet that she’s smugglin my drugs (my coke) […]Intro : Oh, oh, oh, eh 1st verse : How to bounce back after such a success ? Thanks for this translation. Issmad Lyrics: Issmad / They keep offering bags, but I still say no, rags / Young Adenuga, businessman, shouts out to my dad / Issmad / They keep offering bags, but I still say no, rags / Why? so as long as im alive, i’ll keep questioning if this was worth it. Cause the music originated

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