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jocko willink political stance

The foundation he started to help veterans, The anonymous group behind the recent video attacking him said that Mr. Greitens exaggerated his service as a SEALs member in his books and TV appearances. I honestly think him running as a Republican candidate in 2024 would be ultra-successful.

(Former SEALs have offered accounts of derring-do, being transgender, SEAL-style yoga, Some SEALs, contending that they have every right to benefit from their experiences in the military, say the publicity has done no harm and divulged few if any classified tactics or techniques.

Jocko Willink (@jockowillink) is one of the scariest human beings imaginable.

Rorke T. Denver, one of the stars of “Act of Valor,” left the Navy and went on to write his own best-seller, “Damn Few,” and has another book coming this month as well as He is one of 10 SEALs represented by the speakers’ bureau Leading Authorities; others include Robert O’Neill, who claims credit for killing Osama bin Laden and gave dozens of speeches last year, and Mr. Greitens, the Missouri candidate for governor. The film project, though, took years.

I wonder if he’s ever toyed with the idea?He's too logical and de-escalating for the average folks.I think people are ready for a breathe of fresh air like that and it’s objectively true that those leadership traits are effective. A war hero, experience with leadership in a real chaos situation. I think he’s above that. Likeable personality. The Presidency is a big role, so there would have to be a big leadership vacuum before Jocko would want to step in and fill it.Problem is, running for president needs to start 18 months beforeYou can't just "step up" when things are bad and then become presidentHis best bet would be to appeal to Biden to be VP, and then wait for the inevitableIt would be cool seeing sweat stained Tweet pics from the Oval Office at 4:30 am instead of more lies and divisiveness. The United States military has often assisted Hollywood, figuring that inspiring narratives helped win recruits and support.In fact, the Naval Special Warfare Command helped create the clamor for tales of SEAL daring. Do You Understand the Electoral College?

Jocko Willink. Current and former members have widely circulated “The raising of Navy SEALs to celebrity status through media exploitation and publicity stunts has corrupted the culture of the SEAL community by incentivizing narcissistic and profit-oriented behavior,” Lt. Forrest S. Crowell, a SEAL, wrote in the critique, his master’s thesis for the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. Partisan politicking and public disclosure of tactics, he added, “erodes military effectiveness, damages national security, and undermines healthy civil-military relations.”But the pushback has had little sway over former members who are increasingly giving paid speeches, sounding off on politics on Fox News and stamping the force’s name on hats, backpacks, “It’s on a pendulum swing, and that pendulum went past where anybody felt it was necessary and it went past where people probably would want it to be,” said Greg Geisen, a retired Navy commander and former SEALs spokesman.Ever since SEAL Team 6 killed Osama bin Laden, the SEALs — who make up less than 5 percent of the nation’s active-duty Special Operations forces — have been catapulted into the spotlight, becoming the closest thing the nation has to living action figures, featured in numerous video games and movies.

After the Trump circus it’s not looking likelyId rather him get some political experience first before jumping right into being a presidential canidate.If he became governor of California I might move back thereHe was asked about this MANY times at the live events a few months ago. Jocko frequently travels across the country for his leadership consulting business and has noticed that most people aren’t fans of the extremes in either political party (most are somewhere in the middle) “It’s weird how the social media we complain about is just an amplification of the extremes” – Jocko Willink Kevin Lacz, a former SEALs member whose book “Brandon Webb, who founded a veteran-run news website, “Ever since wars have been fought guys have been writing their stories,” Mr. Webb said.

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