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"Today, when I meet people, I routinely ask: 'What [are] this person's good qualities and what can I learn?'" Lessons incoming Nike CEO John Donahoe learned at a summer job
"In other words, that experience taught Donahoe to never write someone off just because they might seem different from him. He communicated his belief in me. ""So the job had potential risks, but it also had definite perks," according to Donahoe. When a driver noticed the future CEO was uncomfortable on one delivery trip, he cracked open a couple of beers for them to share to break the tension.

"In retrospect, that summer unloading beer taught me two great leadership lessons," Donahoe wrote on LinkedIn. "The second leadership lesson Donahoe learned that summer came following a dangerous incident where a driver let Donahoe drive a delivery truck into the warehouse. )," wrote Donahoe.

(18 was the legal drinking age at the time. The driver in question "showed me something incredible in the moment he stood up for me. He took responsibility.

"This was an all-cash route and some of the stops weren't safe," wrote Donahoe, who noted that one driver "carried a gun in his sock and would leave me locked in the truck" because his regular assistant was in the hospital because someone "hit him over the head with stolen beer. Presuming trust communicates support, motivates everyone and ultimately makes everyone more successful. People intuitively know when you are looking for the best in them—and that it is critically important in creating followership. "First, I had to get along with many different types of people. Donahoe might have been on his way to study economics at Dartmouth and earn an MBA at Stanford Business School, but he still had plenty to learn from his fellow warehouse workers, whose guidance and patience he relied on in order to survive his summer job. "I was 18 years old, it was seven in the morning and I was thinking, 'This is the greatest job ever.' Donahoe wrote.

I spent the rest of the summer incredibly motivated to do the best job possible," Donahoe wrote.In 2013, Donahoe wrote that the second lesson still inspired him to use a leadership principle he called "Presume Trust. However, the driver covered for Donahoe and smoothed things over with the warehouse chief, who told him not to worry about it.The lesson he learned was trust, Donahoe said. The world's largest sneaker maker is shaking things up, as John Donahoe — a Nike board member who is the former CEO of eBay and the current chief executive at enterprise software company ServiceNow — will take over for Parker as CEO of the The 59-year-old Donahoe boasts a successful career, but Donahoe has said he learned his first "two great leadership lessons" when he was still just a teenager working a summer job for a beer distribution center company.After graduating from high school in the Chicago suburbs in 1978, Donahoe landed a summer job from the father of a friend who said he could "make good money" as an assistant at a beer distribution center for the now defunct beer brand, Schlitz.In fact, Donahoe wrote that he did have to join the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in order to secure the job in a Chicago warehouse, where he'd arrive at 6:30 am to assist beer delivery truck drivers with the task of unloading and delivering cases of beer to distributors around the city.
"Instead, why not presume trust until someone does something untrustworthy? ""People think you have to earn trust, but that mindset reduces team effectiveness," Donahoe wrote on LinkedIn.

"After college, Donahoe started working as an associate consultant for the consulting firm Bain & Company, and he later became that firm's CEO in 1999.

He used the "Presume Trust" theory at Bain, and later at eBay, where he was CEO from 2005 to 2015.Now, Donahoe is getting ready to take over as CEO of Nike (where he's served on the company's board of directors John Donahoe took over as Nike CEO in January 2020.The budget breakdown of doctor couple who owe $180,000 in student loansThe top 50 U.S. colleges that pay off the most in 2020How this 35-year-old paid off $81,000 debt in 9 years "This is one of the most powerful tools I have available to me as a leader.

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