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version 1.5. A registered user can view, but the public at large cannot. I hope this helps out those of you who have had a hard time finding resources to explain the concept, and I'd appreciate comments and corrections. Super Admins can block the user from logging in or change the password on another SA account. Make a new user-group (Users->User group) as a sub-group of registered. The default is self-activation. This group, which comes as a part of your default Joomla installation, can log in to your site (using the login box that appears on the front page by default) and see resources reserved for registered users.Joomla provides two ways to create a registered user:The administrator creates the user’s account in User Manager.The user herself can click the Create an Account link in the login module on the front page and then fill out a registration page.Joomla has a few different options for how it handles the creation of a new user account. Make a new access-level (Users->access-levels) and add you new user-group to this access level; Set the access-level on the article(s) that you want to restrict access on. The user herself can click the Create an Account link in the login module on the front page and then fill out a registration page.
User-created accounts on Joomla sites Select the user group you want to give access on the right hand side (in this case "Registered"), and set Offline Access to "Allowed". If you want your site visitors to be able to register themselves so as to gain access to additional resources, do this: Enable user registration (Since Joomla 3.4 it is disabled by default).

For version 1.6 and later, please see I've never been able to locate a "Plain Talk" version of how Joomla's access groups work, so I thought I'd attempt to create one myself. Add the users that need the special permission to this group.
They are not valid group selections at this time, but in the future, they will define the default access levels for anonymous users in the Front-end and Back-end systems.The Joomla ACL has been completely reworked in Joomla 1.6 (released in Jan 2011) further information on the new ACL mechanis can be read here Because of this, give a bit of thought to who you need to grant this highest level of access to. The user can log in immediately and view resources that you’ve marked as needing registered privileges.Seamus Bellamy is a writer and Web designer. Solution: Create a new group called Article Administrator and make its parent group Public, as shown below. From personal experience (from a web hosting technical support rep), I can tell you that many people want the ability to only allow registered users to access certain pages in their site. In Users → Access Levels, edit the Special Access level to add the new group. I created this in the process of doing training documentation for a client.

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