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Futura S2 includes startups like Anduril, Cala Health, and Saildrone.. The firm, based in New York City with an office in Menlo Park, invests in emerging technologies in the physical and life sciences.

Lux Capital has backed many of the familiar startup faces in Emerging Tech Brew. We cover just about everything.Sign up for the book club, where you’ll get a full investor curriculum and then 3-4 suggestions every month at 2:35 – (First Question) – Lux Capital and the kind of investments they have made over the years5:42 – The formation of the investment philosophy for Lux8:17 – Why randomness and optionality are important cornerstones to the philosophy9:52 – Investment philosophy 100-0-100 (ambition, arrogance, intellectual humility)21:02 – How all of these gambles are viewed by Josh’s investors24:36 – How Josh evaluates people when considering early stage investments28:10 – Why the minority opinion tends to lead to the best outcomes29:50 – Memorable experience investing in a founder30:44 – The idea of thesis driven approach to private investment32:38 – Crazy thesis – understanding the emotional needs of our pets34:59 – Crazy thesis – Turning genetic abnormalities into treatments and cures for common conditions38:03 – Josh’s learning process through these theses39:56 – Understanding rebel scientists when it’s impossible to predict what is going to happen44:35 – Can the charge forward mindset be cultivated, or does it have to come naturally45:49 – Investors that Josh has learned the most from47:37 – Josh’s comfort investing outside of his usual asset class50:56 – What is the thinking with the short strategy at Lux52:31 – SpaceX vs Tesla, good business vs bad business53:42 – How Josh approaches the quality of a business55:16 – How does Josh evaluate competitive advantage56:45 – Where are we in the venture capital landscape1:01:42 – How does his outlook on venture capital affect the way Lux is run1:07:22 – What is the most memorable conversation Josh has ever had1:09:34 – What is Josh’s objective function in life1:12:43 – Are there people that Josh disagrees with but deeply respects1:13:32 – Kindest thing anyone has ever done for Josh See Josh Wolfe's compensation, career history, education, & memberships. in Economics and Finance.– The rise of the GPU from gaming to power artificial intelligence and machine learning– Chronobiology and the science behind our body’s cellular clocks– The dissolving line between bits and atoms, simulations and how ‘Generative Design’ is mixing technology and evolution to use computers to design future productsThe rise of the GPU from gaming origins to powering artificial intelligence; Cheap satellites you can toss into space; affordable gene sequencing; robotic surgery; 3D printing and scanning.Westinghouse semifinalist and published author of AIDS immunopathology researchCo-Founder and Chairman, Coney Island Prep charter schoolInside Citizen, the App That Asks You to Report on the Crime Next DoorAI 50: America’s Most Promising Artificial Intelligence CompaniesVenture capital and the issue of building things we need

He previously worked in investment banking at Salomon Smith Barney and in capital markets at Merrill Lynch. After finishing with Josh, I couldn’t stop thinking “god, do I want to be involved with whatever he’s doing, if only just to learn.”This conversation made me rethink my joke “this is who are you up against.” Now I won’t think of it as a zero-sum joke, but instead as a reminder: this is the kind of person who is out there. Today, the VC firm is launching a new season of Futura, its web series exploring the operations of portfolio companies. Lux is a venture capital firm, but a highly unique one. He graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. It was an unmet, inevitable need with no solution in sight. The company was among the first responders to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. My guest this week is Josh Wolfe, a founding and managing partner at Lux Capital in New York City. Since he’s not from the reality TV world, we’ve got Josh Wolfe’s wiki to introduce Vanessa’s new man. My guest this week is Josh Wolfe, a founding and managing partner at Lux Capital in New York City. Josh is a Westinghouse semi-finalist and published scientist. He’s from Montreal, Canada. Emerging Tech Brew recently caught up with Lux cofounder Josh Wolfe to discuss these investments and more. Josh is a columnist with Forbes and Editor for the Forbes/Wolfe … Think of this field guide like a book in beta: the more reader feedback, the better it will be. If you are just stumbling on this site, you can start reading from the beginning. Lux Capital is a venture capital firm founded by Peter Hébert, Robert Paull, and Josh Wolfe in 2000.

Sometimes, though, investing is positive sum. Josh Wolfe is the lucky guy who gets to call himself Vanessa Grimaldi’s beau now. The combination of capital, ideas, people, drive, and raw energy leads to amazing new things.I think the best investing and best investors of the future will be more collaborative than competitive.

He has been invited to The White House and Capitol Hill to advise on nanotechnology and emerging technologies, and a lecturer at MIT, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia and NYU. The company was among the first responders to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. We will never post to your profile or share your information. Josh Wolfe is Mng Partner/Co-Founder at Lux Capital. The joke is meant to convey how incredibly impressive these people are who we get to hear from every week.

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