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Piece comes with the printed JSA Certificate of Authenticity, with number that can be looked up on the JSA Authentication. Once you get the item back from JSA many collectors will frame jerseys to hang on the wall.

There were only two men there and they BOTH just kept taking money from new customers as I watched and waited for two hours .

Looking for information around jsa authentication number? When I received merchandise back he didn’t even properly handle it and was damaging comics in the process.

PSA does not view authenticated items listed on the web and does not warrant or guarantee that any such authenticated item is, in …

We would have been more than happy to recommend other ways of selling your uncommon vintage item through Authorized Dealers and auction houses listed on our website.

BBB asks third parties who publish complaints, reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate. Had a picture too.Hi Chery - We are submitted many signed items everyday.

Just BS! They promised an answer in 2-4 weeks. Get the verification of your sports/non-sports Autographs, Memorabilia done in just one click.

Their autograph and handwriting experts regularly visit auction houses, attend trade shows and conventions and constantly research the veracity of autographs of sports figures, celebrities, entertainers, politicians and historical figures.10908 COURTHOUSE ROAD, SUITE 102-263 FREDERICKSBURG, VA 22408

More major auction houses use JSA than any other autograph authentication company.

More major auction houses use JSA than any other autograph authentication company. These guys are a sham and just do guesswork. Many part time authenticators with poor training and general lack of knowledge reviewing all autographs across many years and subjects .Experienced firsthand conflicts of interest and collusion with area dealer / collectors. Threat Assessment/Risk Assessments 6. We frequent A&S in NY once every 6 months. The 30 day window we told you it would take to further review the item was approximate to give us proper time to research the item. Low and behold, not only are they NOT accredited by the BBB, the site actually gives them an "F" rating (not really surprised by that). PSA is providing access to its database for the sole purpose of confirming data regarding authenticated items with a particular certification number.

My money back. JSA is a great company and I'll definitely use them for all my autograph authentications for ever. They will rip you off and not think twice about it. I confirmed this with the local department of the BBB.

RICO?I should have listened when my FRAUD ALERT went off on my phone while I was trying to charge this to my bank card.These guys are a joke ! Lawsuits are never fun.

Had 3 items from Dan, a helmet, a jersey, and a football. in for grading to the same (or competitor )"authentication service" . While I feel like a kid in a candy store in both, my heart belongs to this (Woodside) location.
My item was authenticated at a cost of $200 only because i was ASSURED by the owner himself that it had enough value to make the authentication worthwhile. Well it was not, and I received a very  professional printed out response as to why it was not.

This seems to be an industry practice that needs further investigation.Lack of consistency with authentication. If you see a player at a signing event they may charge $20-$80 depending how famous of a player they are. Each marketplace is different in how they sell items and you chose to go through eBay to sell your, which the user is responsible for the sale of the item. All my items were 100 percent real and signed Special Event & Venue Security 5. But, you can't sell through normal channels without their COA...that's alright for a $50 baseball, but quite different from a $300K bat...there are at least 8-10 other similar bats in existence, however the example that sold last year for $458K was touted to be the only one, so none of the cartel want others to become available. Some came with certifications and some without certifications. Any item with more than 27 signatures has a minimum fee of $150.00.

Never to business with these crooks.was not close to from the advertised pictures. Let's just be clear that we are a third party authentication company that does not buy or sell. More major auction … Foremost autograph authentication company in the world. They passed several items and 1 was inconclusive. I had pictures of the items being signed, pictures of me with Dan Marino.

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