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julius reinhold vs biscuit oliva

Puri Puri Prisoner is using the technique Deep Sea King used to defeat him against the monster.

Later in Baki´s series, they nerf Oliva a lot, he gets beaten by a 65 yrs old aikido master, by Baki itself, and a few other special guys.It´s hard to say, we just don´t have enough feats of Julius to compare.The odd part is that Julius is over 50kg heavier than Biscuit and still much weaker. People in Kengan actually take damage from each other. Dec 7, 2018 #2 So I don't know the other guy, but Biscuit is pretty strong. Sort by. Mr. Oliva is the thirteenth episode of the Baki anime series. save hide report.

I know circumstances were a bit different, but in Baki one loss doesn't mean much.Oliva wins. You must log in or register to reply here. share. They look pretty identical in size to meWhat doesn't really mean shit. This thread is archived. ... Wakatsuki Takeshi vs Julius Reinhold /Kengan Ashura/MMV - Duration: 18:28. Kozue Matsumoto is kidnapped by Sikorsky, and then Biscuit Oliva arrives in Tokyo to capture the remaining convicts. 38 comments. Its original airdate is September 17, 2018. If it were Darkshine, he would destroy the monster with a light touch.and survived a huge block of concrete dropped on his head with zero reaction. 245. Mohammad Alai Jr (マホメド・アライJr., Mahomedo Arai Jr. ), sometimes romanized as Mohammad Arai Jr, is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki. Julius Reinhold vs Biscuit Oliva. Hatsumi Sen vs Goki Shibukawa. TookAlevelInBadass999. Still a amazing feat.Also Oliva is very tough, in a moment he can tank shotguns and swords, but days later, fighting another guy, he gets cut all over the place. Thiago asd 292,776 views. Dec 12, 2018. He helped Kozue Matsumoto when she was crying. I don't know how you can miss that. Less than an hour after the Song began, the hidden homeworld of a forgotten people split in Darkshine: He’s a lot stronger than I imagined, took me 15 minutes.Murata: The monster is as strong as Deep Sea King. Sure, seki isn't as strong or tanky than oliva or as fast as Akoya, but he is still very resilient (look back his match vs kiozan, the guy tank a shitload of extremely powerful attacks and keep going like nothing happened) ... Katahara Metsudo + Julius Reinhold.

[Baki the Grappler] anime/manga "They drew it to threaten the prisoners." Biscuit was causing fucking mini-earthquakes on the other side of the planet when he punched the ground, even ignoring scaling Biscuit squashes Julius.What? Baki Hanma Vs Oliva " Unchained " - BAKI SON OF OGRE [ MMV ] THE SUPREMO. THE OFFCIAL BAKI vs KENGAN ASHURA TOURNAMENT: ROUND 1 - MATCH 13: JULIUS REINHOLD vs GOKI SHIBUKAWA. Dec 11, 2018. That's not enough to kill an Endbringer.But what does Cabal's feat prove? That being said, he doesn’t seem to have the stats physically, but with his stands like Made in Heaven, D4C, The World and Killer Queen he might be able to pull something off. Superalloy Darkshine vs Biscuit Oliva vs Julius Reinhold by Prlg896 in whowouldwin [–] zr84_x 5 points 6 points 7 points 7 months ago * (0 children) Darkshine was able to beat Carnage Kabuto after 15 minutes in the audio book, a monster who should be far above the other 2 verses. He represented Toyo Electric Power Co. during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. It's worth noting that he is one of the few people that Yujiro has respect for.

Respect Biscuit "Unchained" Oliva! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. share. Kaoru Hanayama (Baki) vs Julius Reinhold (Kengan Ashura) All users, both new and returning, are expected to follow THE CBR COMMUNITY STANDARDS & RULES. Julius Reinhold, also known as The Monster, is an affiliated fighter in the Kengan matches. Reinholdt has no feat of strength Oliva can't supercede. Cutting his skin is nothing, we have never actually seen Oliva suffer any injury that wasn't superficial (cutting his skin or bullets) or self inflicted (nomi when he flexed).New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castA subreddit dedicated to the fighting manga and anime, Kengan Asura and its sequel Kengan Omega!Press J to jump to the feed.

Your day to day habits are comparable to that of kings who dined on only the vinest delicacies.

Later, he fell in love with her. Gaolang Wongsawat vs Muhammad Ali Jr. Yoroizuka saw paing vs Doppo Orochi.

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