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junior age range uk

In most primary schools, the junior primary is located within the same buildings and grounds as the primary school, although some junior schools are located on an adjacent or separate site. In South Australia a junior primary school, it is where a child will begin their education, usually in or before the year level preceding Year 1. A Junior school is a type of school which provides primary education to children, often in the age range from 8 and 13, following attendance at Infant school which covers the age range 5–7. Type of school which provides primary education to children Depending on the school, a child will move to the main primary school between the ages of 3 in 8 Most junior schools cater for pupils moving from In the late 1960s and early 1970s, a significant number of junior schools were abolished in favour of 2–5 middle schools, and while some of these remain open today the majority of them have been abolished in favour of a return to traditional 7–11 junior schools. A junior school forms part of the local pattern of provision for primary education. (As both Infant and Junior schools are giving Primary Education pupils are commonly placed in a unified building housing the age ranges of both Infants and Juniors – a Primary school).

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