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SnY barley see's play as it is, and as a stat combination it makes more sense than Kaya with either of the other two.I don't really like Sange & Kaya as an item. Spell damage amplification from multiple Kaya-based items (Kaya, Kaya and Sange, Yasha and Kaya, Bloodstone, Trident) do not stack. That item would be a lot better on Strength and Intelligence heroes (and still pretty good on Agility heroes) than Kaya & Yasha is on Agility, Strength and Intelligence heroes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The spell amp keeps it so you can blow people up later into the game and you can decide to opt for a mobility item (sb, blink, etc.) Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts

For intelligence heroes, it grants 192 mana, 0.8 mana regen, 9.12% spell damage and 16 attack damage. I like how Kaya & Yasha punishes survivability, making majority of heroes that would go for it more like glass canons.Edit: I think 16% increased spell damage is a bit too little as well. It maybe needs to go up to 17%. 1. 4. The thing that makes this item balanced for those heroes that want to "exploit" it, is very little survivability provided by it. 5. At least if it follows the "16" pattern on all attributes. SnY is already like the mid game Skadi.I feel like they need to add something to them though, like a unique new passive to each combination of the three. Mana loss reduction and spell damage amplification from multiple Kaya-based items (Kaya, Kaya and Sange, Yasha and Kaya) do not stack. I mean I could see it being picked up as much as SnY is now, anyway.busted on storm/joker/tinker/silencer/od/qop/viper etcNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castPress J to jump to the feed. Picking this up on Strength heroes punishes them too much (but still possible on some). Like Gyro, Luna, veno, SF. Hear me out on this. This is the futureYeah but it's 4000 gold and you could have blink and echo sabre for the same gold almostBasically this. Yasha and Kaya. 2. The biggest winner is maybe some Intelligence heroes, which is cool as well, making more of them viable later in game.Oh yeah, the Trinity KYS item should not exist, since it's one aspect of S&Y's and if added K&Y's balance that they can't be improved on.I think any agi hero that does spell damage. But increasing it more would enable spell spammers like Zeus, Puck, Necro, OD, Storm, Silencer too much (and in combination with Veil). spell lifesteal amplification from multiple Kaya-based items fully stack diminishingly. Movement speed bonus from multiple Yasha-based items (Yasha, Yasha and Kaya, Sange and Yasha, Manta Style, Trident) do not stack. But these don't exist yet.A community for DotA 2 players interested in informative and in-depth content surrounding DotA 2, from technical strategy, to helpful resources, to pro-match discussions.Press J to jump to the feed. Yasha and kaya is the best tiny item. Mana regen amplification from multiple Kaya-based items fully stack additively, except for multiple Bloodstones.

3. It would be very strong, too strong. Movement speed bonuses from multiple Yasha items do not stack. Storm, viper, silencer, windranger and qop is what I would use it on.i have opinion that we need SnY, KnY, SnK instead of another Triforce or how this shit is calledI agree I don't think there will a combination of the three unless it somehow becomes a replacement for Skadi, just because the stat line is similar and with a better build up. For strength heroes, it grants 192 mana, 0.8 mana regen and 9.12% spell damage. I would take sange over kaya anyday, slow proc and str is better than int and mana reduction. 4,100 + 16 Agility + 16 Intelligence + 16 Attack Speed + 18% Manacost and … And with their new Status Resistance perk, this item gives needed damage to try and burst them down quicker. It's like 1k more gold to get a similar stat line, stacking passive buffs, and an active heal.The items just don't have effective niches. Or just use your ridiculous movement speed if they cant stop you from running in and using your combo. It's pretty nice on some Agility carries, but still balanced because it doesn't give them enough survivability, and it's still not that effective against Intelligence heroes, since they now have a new Magic Resistance perk.

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