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kentico mvc page templates

Transition to MVC. When creating new pages of the given type in the Pages application, content editors can now select a page template. This content cannot be displayed without JavaScript.Page templates allow content editors to gain greater control over the layout of pages, without the need to ask a developer to modify the code in the MVC project.When you register page templates, the system displays a page template selection dialog when creating pages of any page type that has the To be able to utilize the benefits of page templates on your pages, you first need to create and configure content-only page types and adjust the controllers that handle displaying of the given pages.The following steps describe how Kentico MVC applications handle requests for pages that use a page template:On a basic technical level, page templates are HTML pages.

Implementing page template filters. The available template options depend on your site's implementation. This can be useful, for example if you have multiple possible layouts for product or article pages, and wish to allow editors to choose a suitable layout for each individual page., content editor can choose from two types of page templates:Page templates are designed to be used in the global scope and their code files must be placed in the application root of your MVC project (not in an MVC Area). You can do this by implementing the template's controller and view model, in addition to the view. The page template selection dialog may only be available for certain types of pages (or rely on other factors, such as the page … Customization Required. As a result, if you create a custom template from a page that displays a file, new pages created with this template will display the file only if it is stored in a media library. widgets and sections with their data and properties) is lost. GatherContent’s Kentico integration allows content editors to import and update content from GatherContent to Kentico. Learn more . Developers define the layout of these pages by preparing page templates in the code and content editors then create new landing pages based on these templates. Dynamic Routing (MVC Only) by Trevor Fayas-HBS, Sean Wright-WiredViews.

Changes made in the content of one page do NOT affect the content of other pages that use the same custom page template.You can see a list of all custom page templates on your site in the Creating property models.

You may disable them in your browser at any time. Templates make it easy to choose and switch between page layouts, so they are suitable for creating pages with a predesigned or repeating structure, such as landing pages. See Use the following process to develop a page template:If you need to work with the data of the page using the currently processed page template, use the With this approach, the template's view is automatically displayed using a default controller provided by the Kentico API. To create a new page template filter: Open you MVC project in Visual Studio. With this advanced development approach, you have full responsibility and control over the template's controller, view model, and view.Every page template needs to be registered into the system to be available. We use small cookies to improve your browsing experience. We recommend upgrading to the latest available version—i.e., from Kentico 11 Portal Engine to Kentico 12 Portal Engine. Content editors can also utilize page templates for creating pages with structured content (even without any page builder editable areas).

Such pages automatically start with the page builder content stored within the custom template, and can then be further adjusted. See the following scenarios for more information:In both cases you can develop page templates with properties, which allow content editors to customize the template appearance in the Kentico administration interface. on the Page tab of the Pages application). Master template Content editors were finally able to save a snapshot of preconfigured sections and widgets of a page builder enabled page, and then reuse that for other pages going forward. The launch of Kentico 12’s Service Pack brought the much-needed functionality of MVC Page Templates. Structured page data (edited on the You now have a custom template which you can select when creating new pages that support the original default template. Specify each page template property by creating a corresponding property in the model class.

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