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key elements of learning programme caps document

effect in January 2011. Relevant, engaging programmes are more likely when the various communities that the students identify with are consulted: in particular, the community of learners that make up the accounting class, the wider school community, and the community a student lives in.

Key Components of a Curriculum Plan: Objectives, Content, and Learning Experiences Fred C. Lunenburg Sam Houston State University _____ ABSTRACT There are a number of fundamental questions that help determine the development and implementation of a plan for instruction. the country, we established the Core Four of Personalized Learning: four key elements that we believe ensure that personalized learning is implemented with high delity and success. Curriculum policy and guideline documents, seek to address concerns of transition between grades and phases, assessment, particularly continuous assessment, learning and teaching support materials (textbooks). 4 0 obj F7p~>š7³ ðQwÿüló\O/«‹¸œ4pٗÅèJ€Ð?–… N?N"—œñhèägYpxŠË´,îT_¡ÿX-%C;o vʈ| Â`°û•4rK•¤CçS¥;6«4›ßtmU6oý8núÙ2>°¼‚¾ª%»n¡¹­jËV«YUkÖÄ嶻ÃxQՊM`ëu»®êÀÖ)æÁͲ«j—ª¤œ/»ýD¦oܼCÉ7¨ô–Û:²Ñ¬o .Â÷™\a=Zy›‹u…ߍŽ\èî؇;á5J¹Ÿ•2šëÈp{í:j2•leP,‰£Iœ¤© learning for understanding is much more than just recognition or recall of facts or algorithms, assessment of learning tasks need to enable students to show the complexity of their understanding. endobj %µµµµ CAPS envisions closing the divide between learners in poor schools and their well-resourced counterparts, and identifying and addresssing the various barriers or challenges to learning. endobj <> 2 0 obj stream h¼ß%Yq\d;µJ =¤©“K›ÐÜúï;»8`»^W)†ÕâyóæéÍ

CAPS seeks to provide a coherent, systematic content and knowledge to satisfy the specific aims of the curriculum. By leveraging these key elements, school and district leaders can clearly communicate what a shift to personalized learning …

The amended National Curriculum Statement Grades R - 12: Curriculum and Assessment Policy (January 2011) endobj 2.3.1 The key changes of the CAPS implementation: 26 2.4 CURRICULUM AND TEACHING AND LEARNING MATERIALS 27 2.5 CURRICULUM POLICY: THE CASES OF CAPS 29 2.6 THE PRINCIPLES OF CAPS 30 2.6.1Classroom implications of NCS Grade R-12 principles with regard to CAPS 31 Learning programmes need to be relevant and engaging for the learners. 1 0 obj <>>>

<> xœUMkÛ@½ôæ¸ A single comprehensive Curriculum and Assessment Policy document was developed for each subject to replace the old Subject Statements, Learning Programme Guidelines and Subject Assessment Guidelines in Grades R - 12. 3 0 obj ֎t½¦—ôKÅE:E¼Æx‹PØX;â‡WÓÇ)³ŽVæ2öÁ*¶LaNÑdRii…¡Ì KÅ <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Students need to be able to apply key concepts, knowledge, skills, and … the learning program 4.1.Break the learning content into manageable segments and document timeframe for each segment 4.2.Determine and confirm delivery strategies and required assessment methods and tools 4.3.Document complete learning program in line with organisational requirements 4.4.Review complete program with key stakeholders and %PDF-1.5

In terms of the CAPS document, which is based on inclusive education policies, learners who experience challenges and barriers to learning û0Ð÷OçÔoâgïîÿ»÷î½÷û¿÷îî€H×ãÀ |­Ðà‰–Œð¯”ó„‚fáì\ùîKHcÄ  ÍHYpÍÑ)åW顝òΙ`^œ0`׆R/~g^0vØÁ«7ÏÍïU–Ä÷ñƒ¡øàEñªùÆåØZp‘=U>ۚUž§á|¹77pn¨÷Eÿ“âïæ²Ý/+WÙs©´{²îy¦â5è(„X\R㧕3âëæ‘jg^y”=€_Â}Õ}ÃÚË+xϱP;{6«=?K¢`þ vŽWÄKð¡½B;DÇ

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