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kodachrome movie review

Along with Ben’s nurse Zooey (Elizabeth Olsen), the three navigate a world changing from analog to digital while trying to put the past behind them. I recommend it to all. Kodachrome is a perfect display of the history of technology and the fast paced change that shaped it to what it is today. The leads, Jason Sudeikis, Ed Harris and Elisabeth Olsen give fine performances. But it still doesn't mean the scenario has any less sentiment.

Not a photography story. Turns out, dad Benjamin is a world famous photographer and also about to die of cancer. (In Toronto Film Festival -- Special Presentations.)

Jason and Ed in a film, I'm watching it, both are incredibly talented actors.

Was this review helpful? It was fun and enjoyable but so ridiculous and predictable. Very well done ending to the story. 24 out of 38 found this helpful. Alternatively, please feel free to chuck a few pennies in the tip jar via Ko-fi: Become a … The movie has a nice soundtrack and is nicely shot.

To paraphrase Syd Field, you can have a lot of things (acting, directing, etc.) I strongly recommend this film to all but get ready for a roller coaster of emotions.This movie is really well written, acted and developed. Nothing memorable, it's nice and has respectable performances.

Overall the film got me involved right from the start and I went along with the personalities shown and it made a good story.

But it's far from excellent. Beyond that there's nothing else worth mentioning.

But wait, there's more!

Was this review helpful?

The Umbrella Academy: Season 2 As expected, Ben, the asshole father, is not actually that much of an asshole at the end.

The End'.

Was this review helpful? A friend recommended this film from Netflix and I clicked it on, but could only watch the first twenty minutes because I had an appointment to go to.

Phenomenal. 38 out of 53 found this helpful. For as little as $1 a month, you can help support the upkeep of 35mmc and get access to exclusive content over on Patreon. Dennis Haysbert, the pre-Obama first black American President (on “24”) is nice to see, albeit in a small part, but performing every scene he’s in with satisfying professionalism.

What is completely absent is an original thought in the entire movie.

Was this review helpful? And Ed Harris as the cancer stricken 'Ben' is about as believable as an anorexic playing an obese person. This screenplay was artless. Was this review helpful? At the dinner table Ben (Ed Harris) used the term, 'low hanging fruit.' First there are way too too many scenes of Jason Sudeikis as 'Matt' in solitary reflective moments about exactly what he is doing. Was this review helpful? He basically gawks at her and tells her to get lost, but she's persistent, to the benefit of all involved.

Even with these unsurprising plot points, the A-story works because most of the emotions flow naturally.

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