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kodak ultramax review

Has anyone had good results pushing by one stop (shoot and develop at 800)?Great article. For me its the great natural tones I love, no crazy oversaturated colours that digital photos tend to display. I like Superia a good amount but the green cast that comes with everything Fuji kind of puts me off of it, if I am honest.I am trying to find something similar to these Kodak films that is available in bulk to roll myself.

Used to be an absolute film snob to the point it would almost bleed me dry in the days. It’s a With all that going for it, the question of why it isn’t as loved as Gold 200 sounds a good one to ask.As Ultramax is so closely related to Gold 200, it should come as no surprise that it gives you results with similar levels of that Kodak warmness.Perhaps the increased grain you can expect with the higher 400 ISO is a factor too. Plus If I’m going to get really into a film I don’t want it to be discontinued with little notice (again, looking at you Fujifilm).Great article, and as a man who shoots film and rides road bikes I love the header image.Great article. And remember, if this review makes you want to pick some up, you can from If you were to go researching old versions of Kodak Ultramax 400 packaging, like I did before writing this, you’d find the film hasn’t always gone by its current name.It’s cycled through various ones down the years and they’ve likely differed from country to country too, albeit using different combinations of the same words for much of the time.In no particular order and all at ISO 400, I’ve seen boxes of Kodak Ultra, Kodak Ultra Gold, Kodak Gold Ultra, Kodak Max, Kodak Gold Max, and Kodak Max Versatility.There may be others that I’ve missed.
Kodak Ultramax 400 specs and development. Great shots.Great images, a perfect primer as to why shooting film is awesome.

Kodak Ultramax 400 Review The Kodak Ultramax 400 is one of the stars at souvenir and retail stores, cheap, all-purpose daylight color negative film with ISO 400/27°. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I agree, in that I can’t believe how good it is for a consumer film.Hi there, it is a good article, I like it. Until it became Ultramax, it genuinely was Gold 200’s bigger brother. But remember that this is a 400 speed film; we should expect that it’s not going to be as smooth as Provia or Ektar. Now I have to buy some and try it.Over-exposing Ultramax is just fine, except when doing portraiture. In addition to his work here, he’s also the founder of the online camera shop Fstopcameras.com.I have shot truckloads of this film, and yes I reckon its a great all rounder – especially for anyone on a budget. Ultramax 400 is one of three consumer grade films offered by Kodak, sitting alongside its siblings ColorPlus 200 and Gold 200. Join up and chat. We also host meets in the area if you’re interested.Just bought a pack of Ultramax 400. If you like that warm, inherently retro look to your photographs, Ultramax could be for you.

I’ve also wished that Kodak would take Ultramax 400 and create an Ultramax 100 version with the same color rendition of the 400 but with finer grain that goes along with a 100 speed film. I’ve had better results with it – to my eye anyway – and appreciate the higher ISO is there should I ever need it.As well as some people disliking the look it gives, I wonder if part of the reason Ultramax isn’t as loved as Gold 200 is due to its current moniker.Sounding like a 1960s Japanese superhero isn’t a bad thing in itself, but maybe losing that name lineage to the 1980s is denying it that cult status Gold 200 enjoys as a timeless stock.It sounds shallow to suggest people would like a film more if it had different words on the box, but we all know how much branding matters. There’s a Boston film shooters Facebook group if you’re on Facebook. In the right light, Ultramax certainly does an adequate impression of the famous portrait film when the sun is up and we meter properly. This happens most readily when the film is under-exposed, so make sure to meter correctly or err on the side of (very slight) over-exposure.Portraiture is handled well. Ektar is great for landscapes but not for much more than that. Mainly, from what I’ve seen, because of the results it gives.While that’s the single most valid reason to like or dislike a film, it is a subjective one. You said exactly what I’ve been thinking for many, many years. I’m a huge fan of Superia 400, but I’m not sure I’ve ever used Ultramax. You can pick some up from I completely agree that it makes shooting film fun because you’re pretty much guaranteed you’ll get excellent photos. Perhaps that’s because they kind of Whatever the reason, and it’s probably me rather than the films, I’m happier with the colour and contrast the Ultramax gave these than the Gold did when I shot that.Kodak Ultramax is a 5500k daylight balanced, ISO 400, colour negative 35mm film that’s available in rolls of 24 or 36 exposures. During the past year I’ve used it at night and by a blisteringly sunlit pool; on a foggy sail across Vineyard Sound and at a kid’s indoor birthday party. I’ve always preferred the colors of Ultramax and have often wished that Kodak would make a professional version with a grain structure like Portra 400. If this is the black sheep of the Kodak consumer grade film family, I’d advocate for letting it back in the fold.In my opinion, it merits one just as much as its siblings. Everyone raves about Portra for all around use. Ultramax 400 is a great emulsion. For me, it’s not a bad film.The warmness and saturation it gives to these shots is accurate to the light when I took them.
I have really liked what Svema color 125 does and it works out to a similar price as the consumer stuff does.

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