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Two weeks later, in Barajas Airport, Madrid, the killer from the last scene is showing the same painting to another man; who shoots him and drives off with the painting. Casey attempts to mislead one of them, before fighting and knocking him out in home appliances. Morgan then approaches Chuck, informing him that Sarah is in the store. Morgan saunters up to Chuck, pointing out to him how creepy it is that Casey is staring at them from his house.

Unhappy that Chuck won't open up to her, she informs him that his 'idiot friend' (Morgan) has called 'about 75 times'. However they are interrupted by Jeff, and Chuck sees the newspaper he's carrying: the painting the smugglers were killed over has a bomb hidden inside its frame, and is to be picked up by a mysterious arms smuggler called "La Ciudad."

―Chuck, being left behind by Casey.

Chuck rushes to the Buy More, where he frees Morgan, and says he'll repair the remaining machines glad to do something he's good at, which takes until morning. As Chuck tries cleaning it off in the restroom, he flashes and identifies an attendee of the auction as La Ciudad. This is the first appearance of the show's regular opening credits sequence, featuring a variation of "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" by Cake. Chuck then goes out to take the intercom microphone away from Morgan, who tells him about the lock being fixed.

Casey assures him that everything will be fine, assuming that he knows how to tango. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Big Mike reveals that there is an opening for assistant manager at the Buy More, and the two remaining candidates are Chuck and Tang. At the Miller Art Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles, the painting is unveiled.

However, reminding them that Tang may get the assistant manager's job compels them to return to their task.

Chuck Versus the Tango is the third episode of Season One of Chuck. Back at the auction, Sarah is led away at gunpoint by La Ciudad.

Now,they know who La Ciudad is and they have people waiting for her in Central America.

The episode is also the first appearance of the back-room storage cage set. Casey follows, ordering Chuck to stay where he is. Chuck wrongly identifies an attendee of the auction as La Ciudad.

The Nerd Herders attempt to leave, having their own business to complete. Sarah says that both of them knowing is good enough. It first aired on October 8, 2007. Casey follows and confronts her captors on the roof, where they reveal they are actually The next morning La Ciudad attempts to finish Chuck off, but Casey neutralizes her two henchmen, while Sarah defeats her in a fight on the roof of the Chuck is competing with Harry Tang for the Assistant Manager's position.

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