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The roster also includes three new members of the University’s head coaching staff and one assistant coach.“Each new faculty member brings a distinctive personality to the teaching staff at the University,” said Provost and Dean of the Faculty Tracey E. Hucks ’87, MA’90. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Follow them to stay up to date with their professional activities in philosophy, and browse their publications such as "The Moral Worth of Intentional Actions", "The Life and Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe Edited by John Haldane", and "The Moral Worth of Intentional Actions". Walsh-Russo’s research interests include gender, race, collective action, environmental politics, inequality, and climate planning. Her research interests include ecology, environmental philosophy, elemental media, media archaeology, experimental film and video, film festivals, and moving-image curation.Michael Fethes Connolly comes to Colgate from Boston College, where he was a PhD candidate. Her research interests include political economy of higher education, social movements in education, disability justice, and anti-imperialist feminism.Mark Randall James comes to Colgate from Hunter College and Fordham University, where he served as an adjunct professor.

His dissertation title is “Family Decisions in the Wake of Nuclear Disaster: Living in Grey Zones following Fukushima.”Gabriel Sosa Castillo comes to Colgate from Amherst College, where he served as a visiting assistant professor of mathematics. His dissertation title is “Redox signaling through the endoplasmic reticulum chaperone BiP.” Siegenthaler’s teaching specialties include chemistry and biochemistry. Bass’ teaching specialties include playwriting, screenwriting, as well as contemporary American and African American drama. These faculty include distinguished visitors, lecturers, visiting assistant professors, and tenure-track assistant professors in departments from Spanish to mathematics, economics to dance. Her research interests include gender/sexuality, globalization, media/technology, race/ethnicity, immigration, and qualitative methods.Jason Markins comes to Colgate from Syracuse University, where he is completing his PhD candidacy. Drummer’s teaching specialties include film and video production. His dissertation title is “Unimodality Questions in Ehrhart Theory.” Davis’ teaching specialties include linear algebra, combinatorics, and abstract algebra. Her dissertation was titled “Down and Out in the USA: General Relief and the Politics of Precarity in the Shadow of the Welfare State, 1935–1964.” Depenbusch’s teaching specialties include modern U.S. history; the history of inequality, gender, and the state. Her research interests include theater, time-based work, site-responsive/site-specific theater, dance theater, and devised theater. Her research interests include intersectional approaches to German-language migration narratives, cultural production of minorities in Germany, and inclusive, feminist, and social justice-oriented pedagogies.Andrea (Annie) Vitalsey comes to Colgate from Arizona State University, where she was an MFA candidate in creative writing. Her dissertation title is “The Case of China’s Email-Order Brides.” Liu’s teaching specialties include gender, family, globalization, and Chinese society. His dissertation title is “Alien in Residence.” Adesina’s teaching specialties include poetry, poetics, the craft of voice and moods, fiction, lyric fragments, and epiphanies. His dissertation title is “Hash Families and Applications to t-Restrictions.” Dougherty’s teaching specialties include theoretical computer science and intro to computer science. Walker’s teaching specialties include comparative politics and political philosophy. Her recent book, Who Look at Me: Shifting the Gaze of Education Through Blackness, Queerness, and the Body, uses a black feminist cultural lens to observe multiple levels of gaze and proposes performance and critical introspection as tools to interrogate and shift how blackness and queerness are read, engaged, and valued in educational spaces, in and beyond schools.Paul Humphrey comes to Colgate from Monmouth University, where he served as an assistant professor in world languages and cultures. from Reed College. Her dissertation title is “Coming of Age on the Move: Young Travelers, Migrants, and Refugees in 20th- and 21st-Century Literature in German.” Uca’s teaching specialties include German language, literature, and cultural studies, transnationalism and migration studies, travel narratives, and interrogating and opening up the German literary canon.

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