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Your personal purpose is the vision of what you want to achieve in life. Most people now realize they need to look out for themselves if their employers are unwilling to do so. The days of utopia are over in the traditional workplace. They want access to one’s facial expressions, eye contact and body language. Two common tools are control traps and blackmail.A control trap is any policy that is unclear for the purpose of trapping direct reports into disciplinary counseling or action. Never use negative emotion, a harsh tone, or disrespect to punish.Tools of control are simply methods of manipulation and control. Fear motivates us to avoid danger, the danger of the boss chastising us and ultimately losing our job.But it can only bring about mediocre results because the brain structures involved with fear and avoiding anger steal focus and energy away from the other areas of the brain responsible for creativity, innovation, learning and passion.When you say you will do something, do it. Based on the outcomes of one-on-one 360 interviews, assessments, etc. Information submitted on this site is subject to the privacy policy.Too often, when things go wrong, managers try to control what information gets out, but it usually backfires because employees can tell they’re being left in the dark, and that tends to make people more alarmed.

The reason most leaders are not transparent is because they believe they will be viewed as less authoritative; that the prestige they worked so hard to attain will lose their power, leverage and gravitas. It cultivates an Transparency brings people together that have not yet discovered one another.
The irony is that in the end, it’s the leader that loses when performance wanes.It’s better to be open and honest on the front-end, because if not – you may not be around long enough to see the back-end:  the success and significance of being a great leader who served to inspire hope and opportunity by not allowing power to stand in the way of honesty, authenticity and being genuine  with peopleMy goal is to prepare organizations to lead in the age of personalization– to achieve maximum growth and significance in the workplace and marketplace - as the individualMy goal is to prepare organizations to lead in the age of personalization– to achieve maximum growth and significance in the workplace and marketplace - as the individual defines the business. Employees don’t just quit their jobs, they quit their bosses.

Encouraging them. In fact, they’ll make sure the team knows and thank them for their feedback.But mostly, transparent leaders do not use whatever shade of truth that works best at the time, rather they adhere always to only one shade of the truth: the most accurate and complete truth to the best of their knowledge.From what I shared so far, which may be only scratching the surface, transparency would seem unattainable. The executive position on someone's visit card won't do all of these.

Leaders are the ones who empower people to discover and use their greatest potential.
Without integrity, anyone is susceptible to acting outside of their moral code and making unethical decisions. The result:  a vibrant team of uniquely different leaders forged a powerful relationship, not by choice – but rather as a result of each of them being authentic and true to each other.It is also important to note that transparency allows relationships to mature faster, as openness can potentially avoid misunderstandings that can fuel unnecessary tension.When leaders are transparent, people can be much more objective in evaluating the pros and cons about their leader.

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