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Alternatives in the Classroom (1999), The Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing (2003), and The Best Schools: How Human Development Research Should Inform Educational Practice (2006). <> 1. Multiple Intelligences and Positive Life Habits: The aim of this study is to present the pedagogical benefits to English teachers of exploiting students’ multiple intelligences in their classes. First, we attempted to describe, for each of Gardner's intelligences, a set of four learning processes or abilities, one for each of the four learning styles. It is also quite obvious that we can't use every teaching method nor every form of assessment. Moreover, Gardner's seven intelligences are not abstract concepts, but are recognizable through common life experiences. Our approximate breakdown of the percentages of people with strengths in each style is as follows: Mastery, 35 percent; Understanding, 18 percent; Self-Expressive, 12 percent; and Interpersonal, 35 percent (Silver and Strong 1997).Most learning-style advocates would agree that all individuals develop and practice a mixture of styles as they live and learn.

This study determines and analyzes the learning styles and multiple intelligences of the selected Bachelor of Science in Business Administration students of the University of San Carlos. (2015) conducted a study to identify the relationship between EFL learners’ multiple intelligences and their learning styles. Learning styles, with their emphasis on differences in individual thought and feeling, are the tools we need to describe and teach to these differences.Best of all, learning styles' emphasis on the individual learning process and Gardner's content-oriented model of multiple intelligences are surprisingly complementary.

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Bottom 3 types of learning styles? Learning Styles for Multiple Intelligences Area of Intelligence Learners Enjoy These Tasks Ideas for Projects Logical/Mathematical: Numbers Listing facts, using numbers, solving story problems, conducting experiments, using graphic organizers Making graphs; Using Excel; Interpreting 3 0 obj

This is then presented below in Gardener’s multiple intelligences where Gardener portrays the different ways a …

But we can judge the model itself by two powerful standards: In conjunction, both multiple intelligences and learning styles can work together to form a powerful and integrated model of human intelligence and learning—a model that respects and celebrates diversity and provides us with the tools to meet high standards.Copyright © 1997 by How can we explain the difference in the spatial intelligences of Picasso and Monet—both masters of modern art?Most of us would likely agree that different types of intelligence are at work in these individuals.

For linguistic intelligence, for example, the The ability to use the body and tools to take effective action or to construct or repair.The ability to use the body to build rapport, to console or persuade, and to support others.The ability to plan strategically or to critique the actions of the body.The ability to appreciate the aesthetics of the body and to use those values to create new forms of expression.Next, we listed samples of vocations that people are likely to choose, given particular intelligence and learning-style profiles. The introspective intelligences are by nature affective processes. Inventory ... What are your top 3 types of learning styles?

One of the main reasons that Gardner’s learning styles can lead to more effective teaching strategies than IQ-based strategies is because the approach is better at reaching children with disabilities.Traditional intelligence tests simplify the complexity of the human brain and can be biased against certain demographics. Educators should help students discover their unique profiles, as well as a balance of styles.Learning-styles models have a couple of limitations. Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences Candace Taylor, ADDCA 14 What is the difference between Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences? Multiple Intelligences (M.I.) Integrating styles and intelligences can help children learn in many ways—not just in the areas of their strengths.In the 20th century, two great theories have been put forward in an attempt to interpret human differences and to design educational models around these differences. As all teachers know, we must ultimately consider differences at the individual level.

%PDF-1.5 This study determines and analyzes the learning styles and multiple intelligences of the selected Bachelor of Science in Business Administration students of the University of San Carlos. THE MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE QUIZ Estimated time required: 20 minutes For each of the statements below, choose a number between 1 and 5 to rate how the statement describes you.

Some may find it an impossible task to teach to all learning styles.

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